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German industry Mobile Games setback: within half a year at least 4 developers layoffs this week, the German game industry once again encountered difficulties, the area of the old game publisher Wooga announced that due to internal restructuring and layoffs of 40 people, it is understood that in 2016 the German Mobile Games industry has encountered a big setback, half a year to have at least 4 developers through layoffs. On a German website, Wooga CEO Begemann confirmed the details of the layoffs, before the restructuring, the hand travel publisher in Berlin, Germany has about 300 employees. The company’s official website said in a statement, the layoffs because of the recent release of the game did not meet the expected performance of the company. Last year the company had issued a very high cost for Mobile Games "agent Alice (Agent Alice)", although released second days will quickly become the United States iPhone free standings second, also won the apple iTunes 115 home country ‘best new game’ recommendation, but did not reach the top of the company’s most successful scavenger hunt "Pearl" s Peril "record record. Prior to this, Wooga in 2014 also launched a line to eliminate the hand travel jelly explosion, the game’s download performance is excellent, although the income is not a masterpiece, but still can help the company to make a profit. From now on, Wooga will consist of three workshops, each team has their own leisure game content, such as puzzles, games and casual games for simulation. According to another German website revealed that the future will focus on the future of casual simulation studio Apple watch game. At present, it is unclear whether the core game studio Wooga Anvil Games, which was established in March this year, continues to exist. However, the knowledge of Wooga and the Berlin developer community has begun to help affected employees find new owners. It is understood that in 2016 for the German game industry seems to be relatively smooth, last month, the region’s Goodgame Studios has just experienced a round of layoffs, the highest possible to reach 200. In June, when Aeria Games is expected to merge with Gamigo, the number of teams will be maintained at around 106 people, GameDull also layoffs in March of 25%, which is about 50. From a global point of view, hand travel market as a whole is growing, but a number of industry data reports that the growth of the hand travel market is mainly due to the BRIC emerging mobile market. Moreover, Wooga has very important social gaming platform is a game publisher with one of the migratory habits of users, the company and many Webpage Game publishers are facing the problem of restructuring, but from the present situation, the Wooga transformation of the road is not smooth. (gamelook)相关的主题文章: