Game assets hot! A number of listed companies to spend heavily txplatform

Game assets hot! A number of listed companies have invested heavily in the acquisition of game assets seem to be favored by Listed Companies in the near future, there are a number of companies have recently invested heavily in the acquisition of various types of game assets. Century Huatong September 30th evening announcement, the company intends to purchase price of 6 billion 939 million yuan is engaged in the development of online games of the Little Cayman 100% equity and 100% equity interest in Beijing. By combing found that in the evening of September 29th, the Wolong real estate companies responded to the announcement, the Shanghai Stock Exchange inquiry letter, and simultaneously disclosed the issuance of shares and payment of cash to buy assets and raise matching funds and related transaction plan (Revised) and abstract. According to the plan, Wolong real estate intends to 6.32 yuan cross-border shares issued 361 million shares, and pay 2 billion 129 million yuan in cash, the total price of 4 billion 409 million yuan to acquire 97.714% stake in the shares of the ink Lin. The ink Lin shares the main business of network game development and operation authorization and authorization, including the development of Webpage Game, the end of the tour, Mobile Games R & D and authorized operation and the use of IP, the core game products include "Fengyun", "dragon warriors three", "Qi Tan WEB" etc.. Century cruise in late September 26th also announced that the company will Chongqing, Chongqing Jie Zi, dial extraction Hony leader 13 counterparty non-public offering of shares and pay cash to buy their holdings established in the Cayman Islands Alpha Frontier Limited (Alpha) are a class of ordinary shares. Alpha’s casual social gaming business Playtika Holding Corp.’s main business for the game transformation, with advanced technology development capabilities and big data, artificial intelligence analysis capabilities. The same day, the technology holding announcement, the company has organized the relevant parties to implement the exchange relevant comments and reply, at the same time of the major asset purchase report (Draft) and other related documents were revised and supplemented. According to the plan, China Holdings intends to cash payment, the price of 1 billion 632 million yuan acquisition of 51% equity investment macro network. Macro investment network is a well-known British game developers and publishers Jagex 100% stake, which has developed and issued a number of online games. In addition, Fuchun communications September 21st evening announcement, the company intends to counterparty to pay 368 million yuan in cash and 23 million 830 thousand and 300 shares issued shares to 28.64 yuan, price of 1 billion 50 million yuan to acquire 100% stake in moqikaka. At the same time, Fuchun communications intends to raise matching funds of not more than 400 million yuan, for the payment of the underlying asset price for cash. Moqikaka’s main business is the development and production of mobile games. Jinli Technology part of the September 11th announcement, the controlling shareholder of Zhuhai long acquisition of assets including a subject of the company’s equity, which belongs to the network game industry. The company intends to issue shares and payment of cash to the third party to buy the whole or part of the equity of the target company, while raising matching funds. As early as August, the Chinese online and de Tak film and television signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides intend to cooperate in the game and other aspects of the project. Cooperation on the development of the game project, on the work of CO sponsored by both parties, or jointly authorize the third party system相关的主题文章: