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G20 innovation competitiveness ranking released China ranks ninth in the new financial Sohu – Beijing on 25 August,   (reporter Ding Dong) 25, China think-tank in Beijing issued "the group of twenty (G20) national innovation competitiveness" beige book display, the United States, Britain, Japan ranked the top three members of the G20 innovation competitiveness, which Chinese ranked ninth in the leading position in developing and emerging market countries. The report by the Fujian Normal University research group, China science and technology exchange center of Ministry of science and technology and the Party School of the Central Committee of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and other organizations jointly completed, in 19 countries from 2013 to 2014 of the group of twenty (not including the European Union) to analyze and evaluate the innovation competence, constructs the evaluation index system of the competitiveness of G20 national innovation, to provide the reference for the according to the G20 member of national innovation capability. The yellow book shows, 2014 G20 national innovation competitiveness in the first phalanx is: the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, Korea, France, Canada; Australia, Chinese, ranked second in Italy, Russia, Turkey square; Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico ranked third in Argentina, South Africa, square; India, Indonesia fourth phalanx. From the perspective of the overall score, the innovation competitiveness of G20 members in the year of is on the rise, and the competitiveness of 10 countries has increased, and the competitiveness of the 9 countries has declined. Italy, Brazil, China and Saudi Arabia rose significantly. The report shows that the national innovation competitiveness score Chinese increase significantly, in the Asian region ranked third, just behind Japan and South Korea; in the BRICs countries ranked first in the developing world, innovation and competitiveness of the highest ranking, China shows the implementation of innovation driven strategy has achieved remarkable results, effectively enhance the national innovation competitiveness. Author: Ding Dong相关的主题文章: