From the innocence to plead guilty penalty Nora case trial focus in Beijing 97179

From the "innocence" to plead guilty penalty Nora case trial focus on new network – the concern in the public opinion and the public Nora jurisprudence case was finally settled. September 13th at half past nine in the morning, Beijing City People’s court, the Shenzhen science and Technology Co., Ltd. and its supervisor Wang Xin, four defendants suspected of spreading pornographic material profit case, the First Instance sentenced to death by the court of justice of the people’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Haidian District Municipal People’s court). In more than an hour of sentencing, the court in this case a series of focus issues are also a solution. Dissemination of pornographic videos installed over 400 million Shenzhen Nora Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in December 26, 2007, the company has developed a fast broadcast server software and Nora web player. As of February 2014, Nora total installed capacity has more than 400 million, was the first player in the national market share. But it is such a software, was accused of mass dissemination of pornographic videos. Nora company on March 2014 issued a notice on its micro-blog repeatedly said the technology transformation, shielding piracy, delete pornography, but in fact it is reluctant to give up its technology. In April 2014, the national anti pornography office coordinated the Ministry of public security, the Ministry and the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Guangdong province pornography Office of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau, the Guangdong Provincial Communications Administration jointly carried out the investigation on the behavior of Nora dissemination of pornographic videos. The four defendants prosecuted Nora company executive Wu Ming, Zhang Kedong, Niu Wen being arrested in Shenzhen in April 23, 2014, Nora general manager Wang Xin in August 8, 2014 from Jeju Island was escorted home. February 6, 2015 Beijing City People’s Procuratorate of the case to prosecute the case of. January 7th this year, Beijing City People’s court held a public hearing for two consecutive days of the case of the case of Haidian District. Combing the focus of debate both parties in this trial, Nora and four defendants denied charges of public prosecution, insists innocence. One focus: whether to constitute the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials: the prosecution alleged suspected to constitute the dissemination of pornographic materials according to the prosecution allegations, the defendant Shenzhen Nora company executives and Wang Xin and other four defendants for the purpose of making profits, in the media server that the release of the setup and Nora player network users to publish and search by download pornographic video playing situation, still to be laissez faire, resulting in a large number of pornographic videos on the Internet, suspected to constitute the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials. Prosecutor: in November 18, 2013, the Haidian District Municipal Committee of culture, Beijing, located in Haidian District, a technology Co., Ltd. Nora seized four servers hosted by the company. After the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau from the above three servers in the server to extract the video file of the identification of 29841, identified as one of the obscene video files for the 21251. It is argued that software technology does not have the propagation properties of the trial, the company and our litigation on behalf of the four defendants argued that their behavior does not constitute a crime, that is Nora player software, do not have a communication.相关的主题文章: