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From October 1st to 6, Xiamen’s 11 sections implement danshuanghao limit line – Fujian channel — original title: October 1st to 6 Xiamen’s 11 sections implement danshuanghao limit line day holiday travel should pay attention to what? During the period from October 1st to 6, daily 9 to 19:30 on the island of Xiamen, the 11 sections will have a small car danshuanghao restrictions on access measures, including: (Xiahe Lujiang Road intersection to Zhenhai junction), Yanwu bridge (Zhenhai road to the junction of the University section), South Island (tzengtsu Road intersection to the university entrance section) Siming, North Road, Siming South Road, Yanwu Road, Tiger Road (Park Gushan intersection to clock tunnel), three mountain tunnel, success (Wen Ping Avenue Interchange to Yanwu interchange (Mount Longhu), roundabout road intersection to Yanwu Interchange Section), Town Road (Lujiang Road South Siming road mouth to mouth). Among them, in October 1st, 3, and on the 5 day, prohibit the license plate number is even number of small cars pass; on the 2, 4, 6, prohibit the license plate number is odd number of small cars. In addition, from October 1st to 6, heavy and medium trucks throughout the day to prohibit the passage of these 11 sections. Special vehicles, buses, taxis, tourist bus, road wrecker and task execution (police cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles) driving without danshuanghao restrictions. If there is a violation of the provisions of the national day limit, will face a fine of 200 yuan, a record of 3 points penalty. During the National Day Golden Week this year, 7 small passenger cars on the highway toll free. According to the Xiamen high-speed traffic prediction, then area traffic will increase, import and export capacity will be increased by 60% to 80% to about 200 thousand units, the highest will exceed 220 thousand, is expected to peak traffic will appear in the evening, tomorrow morning and afternoon of October 7th. It should be reminded that, during the free passage of the highway, has installed 7 ETC equipment following the car, take the ETC channel also enjoy free policy, but must enter and exit from the ETC channel. ETC equipment is not installed in the car, you can not take the ETC channel, otherwise the time to go back, will affect the rear of other traffic flow, causing traffic jams. (reporter Chen Xiaobin) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou)相关的主题文章: