From Chalk To Keyboards A Look At Online Learning

UnCategorized Education has taken many forms over the years until it reached a phase known as online learning education. First, students used slates to write on, and from there they went to notebooks, using video and audio cassettes to learn, then .puters and the internet. Now we can find class material online rather than in heavy books carried around on our backs. Of course, this change didn’t happen in a single day. The first step towards an easier, more convenient education was home study. While not quite as advanced as online learning education, at the time this was already a big step towards improving the educational system. Children who had trouble with their health or financial problems could simply use their books and study all the material at home. The exams would be taken at a school or at a different facility appointed to them. Hiring tutors was optional. Then came correspondence study. The principles are the same as those of home study, but in this case the student is not living in the same country as the school whose syllabus is used. The material is sent through mail, as are the assignments and exams. Students are assigned one tutor to work with for the duration of their studies. .munication can be through mail or phone. This type of education has all but disappeared, making way for open education and online learning. Open education is accepted more easily than the online alternative, one of the reasons being that is accredited in most countries. A prime example would be the Open University in the United Kingdom, which now has several branches in other parts of the world. The books are provided as are the classrooms and tutors. Attendance is optional and assignments are delivered through e-mail by a specific deadline, known since the beginning of the course. All exams are performed inside the university. This brings us back to online learning education. While not everyone is convinced about the validity of a degree earned online, more and more employers have begun to recognize online courses. For someone who already has a degree, from a university or otherwise, and wishes to learn a few extra skills that would help him find work, this is the easiest studying method as well as the cheapest. Most courses take less than six months to .plete. Depending on the .pany that offers the classes, the degree can have accreditation from international firms like Microsoft, or sometimes even from universities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: