Four I is my super girl! To live the truth is the most

Four: I is my super girl! Live out the true most important Sina entertainment news the evening of September 3rd, the "super girl" red stained Hunan Changsha again the half the sky, Super Girls 2016 finals rujierzhi. Finally, 9 to 450 million win popularity circle "2016 Super Girls champion" title, Zhang Xiaoyu, Wang Fangyuan, Jin Jin and other three players in two or three and four. On the first day after the game, an exclusive interview with the four girls. The first day of the four super girl left the stage, the girl ran out to play a day, because "finally liberated!" The super girl four players varies in style, and "live" has become the focus of the conversation. They invariably told reporters, I am me, and no one else. From 2004 to 2016, super color is no longer only monotonous "super girl red", into four different colors. The red circle: want to do 9 times new idol two dimensional circle is too small to suppress the panic outside the flat ring 9 originally popular in the finals, when the road ahead, the final upset win. It made her a little too hard to believe, "I have to go back to sleep and wake up and make sure it’s a dream." Circle 9 said in an interview after the game. When the saw her again, 9 have behaved very easily, "come around." A small child has limitless energy, like the eternal red flame. The founder of Super Girls has been 12 years of history, the first from the two dimension of the world’s circle is 9. But she came out, but opposed by the two dimensional fans. In August 9th the rally, had a black powder to grab the microphone. As for the response, circle 9 said, tomorrow to learn martial arts!" Sina entertainment: originally in the two dimension circle has been a minor celebrity, why do you want to participate in the Super Girls three dimensional game? Circle 9: the circle of the two dimension is too small, people hold up uncomfortable, I hope to have a more professional sea, to learn more things. Sina entertainment: the future will continue to promote the two dimensional culture? Now many of the policies are in support of domestic animation, but the two dimensional circle must be stood out, the two or three dimensions together, I would like to do this person. Now many domestic animation are very good, to promote the Japanese market, we must support. Sina entertainment: you in the eyes of the "broken" is what look like? 9: I think the so-called circle is broken on both sides to consider, not put myself in a small room, as long as the open eyes is to cross the dimension in the work. Sina entertainment: super development has been soar champion, had no "splash" champion, you worry? Circle 9: it’s okay. These two types of champions, I will not do, I am in the new era of network media environment under the new breed of idols. Is a completely different champion, a different ring 9. Sina entertainment: so what’s new in your eyes? I like this kind of idol, the dissemination strength will also be broad, the personality charm also has the attraction, the specialized strength is also strong 9. Hope more people know there are相关的主题文章: