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"Forging knife" premiered Pu Bajia to express his eventful "exposure trailers forging knife" poster Sina entertainment news by Yunnan investment group, the cloud pictures and Suzhou film (NEEQ:832455) CO produced, the famous writer Wang Jun penned, senior producer Zeng Hui featuring the Producer Director, with Pu Bajia [micro-blog] and Xu Seng, Wang Ou, Zheng Yitong [micro-blog], Hao Rongguang peak, a group of actors together to create a "knife" (aka forging blood juncture) will be held tomorrow night (October 1st) National Day in eight sets of CCTV prime time broadcast. Chupin today announced the first film, a group of passionate young people, a legend of child heart, Australi a grand and tragic history of war, in all directions to show the picture. Tanaka Toshio beauty youth Yan values, the story of ups and downs, set ambitious fierce battle scene, the audiences are gone through heart blood surging. The first exposure of the panoramic flower show in the eventful years the fire of youth. "The sword" about forging stubborn martial copycat young Jiang Xiaodao (Pu Bajia ornaments), as opposed to one sister Jiang Meilan (Wang Ou ornaments) and toast master Xiao Yiheng (Xu Sengshi) married, make the wedding, the family fights, resulting in Xiao Yiheng’s father was killed and was ejected from the copycat was almost killed. The River Knife cornered with a bunch of copycat brothers joined the Yunnan army, but unexpectedly become Xiao Yiheng. The knife for stubborn wild nature, often in violation of discipline by the repeated military punishment. Jiang Meilan face between her husband and brother Yiheng Xiao Jiang knife outdone, dilemma. The outbreak of the war, Jiang knife forces repeatedly assigned to combat the worst place, Xiao River, two members with gradually dilute the baptism of fire. Two people had become the blood brothers, and Jiang knife, Xiao Yiheng, Shen Peiqin, Jiang Meilan (Zheng Yitong) four love also suffered bloody experience…… War legend "sword", also known as emotional giant forging (blood juncture) took the first film, including youth, love, war, fighting and other shocking elements. The beginning of a tense war scenes, it is exciting. In four gunsmoke, the background of the times in a hail of bullets, Pu Bajia, Xu Seng, Wang Ou, Zheng Yitong, Hao peak, glory and several hot blooded youth all boarded the battlefield to serve the motherland, legend of a fire of youth, will be kicked off. War legend "forging the sword" emotion giant system for tomorrow night (October 1st) in eight sets of CCTV prime time broadcast, please pay attention.相关的主题文章: