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Foreign media: Google parent company beyond apple to become the world’s most valuable company – Beijing, Japanese media said the United States listed companies in October 2015 ~12 month earnings ushered in the climax, has been released from the situation, the total market value of the world’s first apple to hand over in fact, Google Alphabet is replaced by the parent company. Japanese Economic News reported in February 2nd, Alphabet released in February 1st in the United States stock market trading hours after ~12 months of October reported to achieve sales and profits double growth, impeccable performance. Stock prices rose rapidly in the pre – and after hours trading. Compared with the intraday closing price of 1 intraday trading, the increase was more than 8%. On the other hand, Apple shares closed down about 1%. According to standard Dow Jones index, when the end of 1 intraday trading, the total market capitalization of the two companies are about $530 billion, comparable. Alphabet is 14 billion dollars less than apple. If you take into account the momentum of the disc before and after trading, the reversal in intraday trading in February 2nd has become a probability event. Apple surpassed Exxon Mobil, the oil giant, in total market value in 2011. The growth of "iPhone" and the expansion of stock repurchase contributed to the almost always control of the first position. The serious threat to China’s throne is the change of the Chinese market in 2015. Apple shares fell in 2015. PER (stock return), which shows future growth expectations, is about 10 times, below the market average. "Did you hear Tim? Did Cook explain it?" "That’s too bad," and the January 26th earnings report disappointed the market. Apple CEO Tim Cook (CEO)? In the earnings conference after the press conference, said "never experience is happening in any place, which has sparked controversy. Cook said: "Brazil, Russia, Japan, Canada, Southeast Asia, Australia, Turkey, Europe.". "The economy is slowing down," and confidently says, "in this situation, apple is doing well". The next day, Apple shares fell 6%. In February 1st, there was another scene in the reversal of the total market capitalization. That’s the reversal of Facebook and Exxon mobil. Facebook’s 10~12 monthly earnings showed a net profit of 2 times that of the same period last year, up to $1 billion 562 million. Facebook strong performance, the "do not want to see the Fed’s (FRB) Facebook earnings conference" this joke widely circulated in the United States economy class television program. This week, the total market value of Facebook, which was founded twelfth years ago, reached 320 billion US dollars, expanding to about 1.5 times of TOYOTA. Goldman Sachs is recommending good financial conditions to bear interest rates and huge sales in the United states. The company strategy analyst David Corsten believe that "even if the economic recession, but also can obtain better investment results, Alphabet and Facebook included in the list of recommended stocks.

外媒:谷歌母公司超越苹果成为全球市值最高公司-中新网   日媒称,美国上市企业2015年10月~12月的财报发布迎来高潮,从已发布的情况来看,苹果在事实上交出了总市值世界首位,而谷歌母公司Alphabet则取而代之。   日本经济新闻网2月2日报道称,Alphabet在2月1日的美国股票市场交易时间后发布的10月~12月财报显示,实现销售和利润“双增长”,业绩无懈可 击。在盘前盘后交易中,股价迅速上涨。与1日盘中交易的收盘价相比,涨幅一度超过8%。另一方面,苹果股价收盘下跌约1%。   据标普道琼斯指数公司统计,在结束1日的盘中交易时,两家公司的总市值均为5300亿美元左右,不相上下。Alphabet比苹果少140亿美元。如果考虑到盘前盘后交易的势头,在2月2日的盘中交易中发生逆转成为大概率事件。   苹果2011年在总市值上超越石油巨头埃克森美孚。招牌商品“iPhone”的增长和股票回购的扩大作出了贡献,之后几乎始终控制着首位宝座。   严重威胁其宝座的是2015年中国市场的变化。2015年苹果股票转为下跌。显示未来增长预期的PER(股价收益率)为10倍左右,降至市场平均值以下。   “听 到蒂姆?库克的解释了吗?这也太糟糕了”,1月26日发布的财报也令市场大为失望。苹果首席执行官(CEO)蒂姆?库克在财报发布会之后的记者会上,称 “过去从未经历的情况在任何地方都正在发生”,这引发了市场争议。库克说:“巴西、俄罗斯、日本、加拿大、东南亚、澳大利亚、土耳其、欧洲。经济都正在减 速”,同时自信地表示:“在这种局面下,苹果表现出色”。次日,苹果股价下跌6%。   2月1日,总市值的逆转大戏还出现了另外一幕。那就是Facebook与埃克森美孚的逆转。Facebook的10~12月财报显示,净利润达到上年同期的2倍,增至15.62亿美元。   Facebook业绩表现强劲,结果使得“不希望美联储(FRB)看到Facebook的财报发布会”这句玩笑话在美国经济类电视节目中广为流传。本周迎来创立第12年的Facebook的总市值达到3200亿美元,扩大至丰田的约1.5倍。   高盛正在推荐具有可承受加息的良好财务状况、且在美国销售额巨大的股票。该公司策略分析师大卫•考斯汀认为“即使陷入经济衰退,也能获得比较好的投资成绩”,将Alphabet和Facebook纳入了推荐股票名单。   因新兴市场国家经济的变化而需求增长乏力的原油和资源概念股被资金敬而远之。另一方面,在发达国家也具有巨大增长空间的服务等“软件”作为取代便携终端等“硬件”的增长引擎受到期待。   当然,苹果利用终端的流通量,正在扩大影像、音乐和应用程序销售等软件的销售额。巴克莱银行分析师马克•莫斯克维兹表示:“服务领域的销售额扩大是苹果成为服务企业的前兆。对于长期投资者来说具有吸引力”。苹果要夺回首位宝座,或许有必要回应这样的期待。相关的主题文章: