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  visits the Hangzhou property market; investment less, second-hand housing does not move up the Jiangxi channel, original title: site visits Hangzhou property market investment less, second-hand housing does not move up the figure for October 3rd, buyers at the housing Zhengzhou a sales center in Henan sand. The Xinhua news agency in accordance with the Convention, the eleven day holiday rest period for the property market". But this year’s national day, a little different. September 30th until yesterday, there have been Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Chengdu, Wuxi, Ji’nan, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Xiamen and other 13 cities have introduced regulatory policies. Yesterday evening, Nanjing issued regulatory policy, for the two set of standards, revisit the housing and credit recognition policy, single purchase of 1 homes. Subsequently, Xiamen also introduced the policy: the local household registration has more than two sets of real estate, such as the situation in the case of the purchase of less than 180 square meters of the following three. The introduction of the city’s regulatory policy intensive unprecedented. For the Hangzhou property market regulation back in late September has bursts of "three arrows". The National Day holiday, there are still many buyers to take advantage of the free time to search, as of yesterday, the Hangzhou area of commercial housing turnover has been close to last year the national day seven day trading volume, became the highest volume "market of National Day Golden Week" has no suspense. Although the hot deal, reporter in the field visits, found that foreign investment decreased significantly, second-hand landlord mentality is flat, it should be said that Hangzhou’s "new regulation" for the property market stability has played a role. Long into the property market regulation week, the most stringent City, two sets of down payment of the national day of this year, many cities have introduced their own property market regulation and control policy of 80%. From September 30th to October 5th, just 6 days time, the city has issued a new regulation of the property market in the 13 cities, and more to restart the purchase of credit limit. In addition, Nanning and Foshan and other cities also said to strengthen the management of the real estate market. According to the principle of sub city policy, these cities for the purchase, limit the loan, the locals and foreigners were qualified to do different degrees of home buyers. One of the most serious, like Nanjing last night just introduced the new deal, known as "the most stringent regulatory policy", the provisions of the Hukou adult singles (including divorce) in the city to purchase 1 sets of housing, not to say to direct the purchase and loan eligibility and qualification of "fake divorce"; to have 1 sets of housing and outstanding loans to buy two suites, the minimum down payment of not less than 80%; restart the housing and credit recognition, or have had credit record, but there is room to pay off the loan, for commercial loans Shoufu not less than 50%. While in Suzhou in the new deal, did not pay off the first mortgage for second mortgage, is not less than 80%. Such a policy, in fact, has been strict in 2011 property market regulation. In this context, there are many people in the industry believe that this is the direction of the property market wind into the inflection point. Zhejiang Centaline chief analyst Jing Haiyan said: "now the bank is not breathing, but from a variety of new property market, has been very clear in the tightening of the property market. Although the new deal from the point of view, mainly to suppress short-term investment, speculative demand相关的主题文章: