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Farewell to the cave in Qingyang trough courtyard town to resettle in new network – in effect the villagers Liang Feng’s family courtyard Chinese Gansu news network September 24th (the network reporter Liu Peiwen Ventura) in September 23rd is a long road running sixth days off "network media" go turn change "interview schedule, the media group is still in the red revolution the old liberated areas — Qingyang in-depth interview. Mention Qingyang, people will immediately associate to the cave, but that was the symbol of Qingyang in the past, now the Qingyang rural areas have high-rise buildings, as well as the courtyard, feels like a painting. In the high village in the trough Town, we saw this scene. Liang Feng, an interview with reporters, the house a total of 129 square meters, we have a family of 6 people can live, I moved in nearly 3 years." The 34 year old high village villager Liang Feng said, not before the relocation their lives in the cave, water and electricity are not easy, or dangerous, and now this courtyard, three generations live under more than sufficient, the environment is good not to say, it is also related to solve the employment problem. Liang Feng home living room "at home near the farm work, and various support units are tube, have a month’s salary is 3600 yuan" happy Liang Feng told reporters, leaving the dilapidated old house, from the farming life, not a bit does not adapt, the local town government in poverty alleviation and relocation at the same time, to the relocation of villagers organize labor skills training, the implementation technology of poverty alleviation, he learned welding craft, in the factory is mainly responsible for the welding repair. In addition, can also enjoy the preferential policies, comprehensive subsidies, food subsidies, forest subsidies, so more secure than the migrant workers. In the trough town Party Secretary Zhang Dong told reporters "farmers on their land are all emotional, after the land transfer, we must have all kinds of security measures, so that they feel that life is guaranteed, a sense of security, so as to put the poverty relocation work, the work we will do in-depth". Trough County town Party Secretary Zhang Dong seriously told reporters. Qingyang is located in Huan County of Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia provinces interchange, located in the Maowusu Desert, fragile ecological environment. The central government believes in poverty alleviation, is to highlight the basic poverty alleviation, to improve the living conditions in the first place. According to local conditions, user facilities strategy principle, the implementation of "farewell to the dangerous kiln project", especially for the high mountain deep ditch, Huan county people living in scattered and infrastructure supporting the difficult reality, we should vigorously implement to resettle. Reporters learned that the end of this year to achieve the full coverage of poor households housing security card.相关的主题文章: