Fang Yuan’s hand in the car Aaron Kwok hand steering

Fang Yuan’s hand in the car? Aaron Kwok: hand to put the wheel Aaron Kwok according to Hongkong media reported on November 3rd, Aaron Kwok yesterday to attend a brand ambassador elegant identity brand store opening ceremony, he will receive a series of aviation watch engraved as a birthday gift. Aaron Kwok said the surface slope suitable for driving aircraft and cars to see the time, when reporters laugh will drag his girlfriend Fang Yuan’s hand when he drove, not to see the time? Aaron Kwok said the reporter: "the hand to put the wheel, you always tease me, will you!" Aaron Kwok is a special trip to come back from Hangzhou to attend the event, he is participating in the mainland variety show, we are 17 years old, which will allow him to complete the dream at the age of 17. Aaron Kwok said he hopes this can help him round the dream of driving, he also has a feeling is like to take care of a father like the gold line. The other said he lent private car commercials before he is to buy insurance? Aaron Kwok said with a smile: "have to buy full insurance, and good security, the crew do not worry!" He revealed that the opening of the Roadster is a birthday gift to buy their own, but also the 50 anniversary edition. Aaron Kwok admitted that it was the first time to use private sports car advertising, it is not willing to give up a bit, but advertising is to tie the theme of the car, just want to give you a look. Ad he and another master in the yard to compete, then got Kar Lok Chin’s stunt team to assist, he stressed that there is no danger of the lens, but it looks very handsome. Whether it is a dream car? Aaron Kwok smiled and said: "this object is male, but he is also the people of the world know, first secrecy, we know the next week!"相关的主题文章: