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"Every day" National Day gift: Rio Olympic athletes the strongest team gathering – Shaanxi channel — people.com.cn original title: "every day" National Day gift: Rio Olympic athletes Lang Ping and Lang Ping assembled the strongest lineup, Hui Ruoqi, Gloria Tang and daughter brother every day at ten tonight, Hunan TV broadcast a tribute to "every day" National Day special program, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games the meeting for Olympic athletes gathered for the first time, Chinese Teams gathering. "Every day" National Day gift special program brings together Lang Ping, Liu Guoliang, Malone, Hui Ruoqi, Zhu Ting, Zhang Guowei, Xue Changrui in August just past the Rio Olympics set "exploits" Chinese Teams, collective song. "Iron hammer" Lang Ping and his Hui Ruoqi, Zhu Ting in the program not only reproduce the Olympic Games on the bright and brave, every day the brothers also taught three people volleyball lore moves, it is a stunning catwalk dress body. Captain Hui Ruoqi and Gloria Tang sang popular songs, affectionate and moving; the strongest MVP Zhu ting and idol Phoenix Legend chorus "dazzle most folk style" aura one hundred! In addition to the women’s volleyball team three "heroine", Superman gas Guoping team Malone and "net red" coach Liu Guoliang staged mentoring love, Malone see idol Jolin second hand duet "brother fan, you want to marry me today," sweet song, envy of everyone! More "soul singer" Zhang Guowei "magic" came back, laugh until your stomach ache! Zhang Guowei Xue Changrui, the track and field team players from the group funny hand piece of debris flow "Venezuela" CP, and Wowkie Zhang sang the Divine Comedy "the world boutique hi up". (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)相关的主题文章: