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The social insurance funds, the restructuring of state-owned enterprises to test the water   Liaoning sell 9 state-owned equity — China central enterprises News Network — the authority released the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises to the latest news, people.com.cn newspaper Shenyang on 29 August,     (reporter He Yong) at the end of August, an announcement by the Shenyang United Assets and equity exchange strong attention. The government of Liaoning province to sell brilliance group and other 9 provincial state-owned enterprise shares to strategic investors outside the province. The sale of state-owned stake is a provincial state-owned enterprises started the implementation of mixed ownership reform, the two is to enrich the social security funds "reservoir" and actively explore new ways. According to the announcement, the first batch of Liaoning to sell state-owned stock enterprises, including the Benxi Iron and Steel Group, Liaoning brilliance group communications investment group, Liaoning water resources group, Liaoning energy group, Liaoning fishing group, Fushun group, Shenyang Coal Group and Tiefa energy 9 companies. Reporters learned that the 9 state-owned enterprises are not only large, but also the Liaoning provincial government’s most high-quality state-owned assets. According to the information released, the brilliance group in 2015 operating income 112 billion yuan, net profit of 6 billion 100 million yuan, has two major north-south production base, 6 production enterprises, 4 engine production enterprises, with the gold cup, a lot of brands, but also BMW cars in the only place in China; Liaoning traffic investment group 238 billion 600 million yuan of assets, liabilities 119 billion 100 million yuan, Liaoning province has 34 major highway construction and operation rights; Liaoning Water Resources Group has 3 companies and 9 reservoirs of water supply pipeline resources, control of Liaoning most of the surface water resources and water supply network, with total assets of 50 billion 400 million yuan, the debt ratio of 23.45%; Benxi Iron and steel group of Liaoning province is the largest iron and steel enterprises, the total assets 141 billion 400 million yuan, debt rate of 75%, the company in the domestic leading level in automotive panels, appliance plate, oil pipeline steel etc.. These 9 companies are currently owned by the state-owned shares, accounting for 80% of the provincial SASAC, the provincial social security fund accounted for 20%, the latter can be directly introduced into the strategic equity investors. Due to historical factors and serious aging and other reasons, Liaoning dependency ratio is far higher than the national, nearly 3 people raise a man’s average level of pension deficits, huge gap. The sale of 9 stake in state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises to accelerate the reform, social security funds to double the target. (commissioning editor Du Yanfei and Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: