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UnCategorized Traditionally, engraving on copper was done in order produce plates. These plates were then used to print papers and even books which was an early method of printmaking. Today, engravers use the burin to produce bespoke designs in metals such as gold and silver for jewelery making. Cutting edge .puterised machines are now making engraving lower in price and amazing in terms of quality. Engraving machines sometimes use diamonds and lasers to achieve the fine lines and points that are required. If you want to buy a special engraved gift for any occasion then here are THE top five tips: 1. Think about the recipient. Are they practical or sentimental – maybe both. Practical cufflinks could be a great choice of gift for that hard to buy for man, whilst an engraved trinket box can be both beautiful and practical as a gift option for the ladies. 2. The Occasion itself. If the gifts are going to mark an event or occassion then you could buy a gift which will lend itself to photo engraving. This is where an actual photograph can be engraved onto the gift. The quality is usually unbelievable. What a better way to mark a special occassion that by an engraved photo gift? A photograph of the event engraved onto the memorable gift. 3. Budget that you wish to spend. If you have already decided upto a budget then you will be happy to know that many gift suppliers will carry out free engraving. Engraveable gifts can range from a very low budget .plete with impressive presentation box to higher costing precious metals such a jewellery. 4. Number of gifts required. If you are buying for a whole party of special people then you may wish to consider the following. Would a group photograph be avilable for engraving onto a selection of identical gifts? Would the recipients have different personal messages on the gifts. Would you be able to buy a number of the same gift and personalise each one. For example wedding gifts could be purchased and personalised for the mother-of-the-bride, bridesmaids, and flowergirls. 5. Traditional Gifts. Many special life events have specific gifts associated with them by default. For example christenings are often associated with tankards by tradition. Thesedays tankards are available in pewter, stainless steel and engraving possibilties endless. Pocket watches are a traditional gift for the bestman and ushers of a wedding party. Again plenty of choice and engraving options to choose from. Engraving is no longer just several letters of text. Photographs, elaborate styling, and pictures of your choice can be engraved with the upmost in precision, amazing quality, onto smaller objects like cufflinks and lighters and sometimes even totally free engraving. Gift challenge? No problem. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: