Endurance 600 km Volkswagen nuv-e electric car Paris Auto Show – Sohu pgd-426

Endurance 600 km Volkswagen Nuv-e electric car show in Paris – Sohu automobile [Sohu E park] Beijing time on September 29th opening of the Paris auto show, Volkswagen will release Nuv-e electric concept car. Nuv-e concept car’s maximum mileage of up to 600km, will become the Volkswagen " 2025 strategic " an important part of the plan (2025) annual sales of electric vehicles reached 1 million units. Nuv-e concept car is a compact hatchback 5 seat design, the body size is slightly less than the golf, but its interior space can be compared with Passat. Electric mileage of 400 km to 600 km (250 miles -370 miles), more than twice as much as the new BMW I3 Nuv-e is the public of the second independent electric vehicle models, plans to be listed in 2020. According to the current public planning, the first mass production of electric vehicles for Budd-e MPV, will be listed in 2019, the car at the Geneva motor show in the beginning of this year, and at the Beijing auto show debut. Nuv-e concept car for New Urban Vehicle Electric (new city electric car), was born in the public MEB platform. MEB platform for the modular production structure, YISHION electric vehicle production, and can take into account the plug-in hybrid vehicles. With the new electric concept car debut in Paris, Volkswagen plans to launch other new zero emission vehicles, including cars, Budd-e’s flagship car Phaeton electric version of the X-BEV, a CUV-e crossover and a coupe or convertible car. At the same time, the Volkswagen Group’s multiple brands have released pure electric concept car, including the Audi e-tronquattro electric concept SUV, the new Porsche Mission E concept, they are from the electric car, on the MEB platform, so that all segments of the market more widely covered.相关的主题文章: