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Emile Haddad Seattle wants to keep in mind the importance of labor and people-centric management. It will be a leap of lifetime before the corporate world be.es fully mechanical and does not involve the manual interference in any manner. Till then, it is necessary to adopt such management policies that are progressive and conducive to the individuals growth. The ace management consultancy focuses on developing certain leadership quality in the managers who can bring together the man and machine closely to work in a coordinated manner. People are the Ultimate Asset Unlike other management consultancies, this firm is not providing any mechanized framework to the whole working procedure by auditing different departments of the organization but aims to make the firm realize that the people force is the biggest asset for any .pany. They are able to convince the management regarding the training needs of the work force and also conduct orientation programs to inculcate the true values in the workers. Cultural Diversity should not be Ignored The organizations these days are a consummate mixture of people belonging to different races and cultures. Hence, increased levels of tolerance and understanding are the key requirements for efficient managers. Emile Haddad Seattle .pletely understands the importance of the diversified work culture and shapes up the management in such a manner that they can handle all the unforeseen interpersonal issues easily. Management architecture that is easy to adopt and implement is the key-product of this firm that is sought after passionately in the present corporate world. This architecture proves to be more meaningful if the barriers of language and culture are dissolved while keeping the emotions of the workers intact. About the Founder Emile Haddad was an architect by profession but could provide better management solutions due to the educational degree in Fine Arts and Environmental Design. His undisputed talent in bringing the people from diversified cultures under one aegis has made him desirable by the .anizations who aim at creating niche in the global economy. The consultancy firm is known for developing unquestionable management architectures and brings positive change in the overall working of the clients .anization. The multi-faceted personality of the founder is clearly reflected in the designs proposed by the firm. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: