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Emil Chau: fear of losing the music sensitivity fear of being eliminated Emil Chau Legal Evening News (reporter Shou Penghuan) last year after Beijing, nearly forty thousand people gathered in a "national song" Emil Chau this Saturday will return to Beijing, held in Capital Stadium 2016 Emil Chau "today again sing what mission rounders" concert in Beijing. Recently, Emil Chau accept the Legal Evening News "reporter interview, as a" national king "Emil Chau has always been to the warmth of the image of the people, and has many well-known classical works. Life in the music to Emil Chau, but had to suffer from depression music, it is low period of his life, in the face of record market downturn, don’t understand what happened, that couldn’t write a song, for fear of being eliminated…… But no matter what, but he never had the idea of change, "this life is the only occupation singer, most this role also let him pay. 30 anniversary: want to sing some special tracks together memories of the way Legal Evening News (hereinafter referred to as "late"): go back to the Beijing concert, what is the mood? Emil Chau: can you really want to have a year ah (laughs), as a city by the international attention, Beijing will absorb many international information, so every time like Beijing have changed a little, may be new construction, or new stores, or pedestrians wearing. But it is really interesting because Beijing has a profound cultural heritage, so no matter how the outside world to follow the integration of the times, but the inner core is not shaken, this is a charming place in Beijing. France late: often come to Beijing concert, there is no fear that the audience will be Beijing aesthetic fatigue? Is there anything special this time? Emil Chau: last year in Beijing in order to let everyone can admission, so choose the larger outdoor venues, later in the winter, we changed to other city indoor lest we feel cold, the indoor warm, so I want a room is to do in Beijing, with the warm atmosphere of reunion with you. I really love singing and the audience will be the scene, what have the opportunity, but some city public security restrictions more, I can not so lively (laugh), but will try to let everyone have a good time. Method: late so many classic songs, is not in the selections are often puzzled? Emil Chau: because this year is my debut 30 years, so I would like to arrange some special tracks, so that we can together with the memories of the way some of the pictures. The pursuit of the dream: life for music efforts also want to sing a song for the mother of Chaozhou late: you were born in Hongkong, grew up like music, remember that time the dream is what? Emil Chau: my dream is music, so I’ve been working on it all my life. Cantonese, of course, is very emotional for me, I have already issued a lot of Cantonese album, so now there is no regret. I was in Chaozhou, when there are a lot of Chaozhou song records at home, mom and dad are very like his brother would say Chaozhou, but when I arrived with相关的主题文章: