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Eastwood teamed up with the Hanks "Captain Sally" aimed at the awards season – Sohu entertainment Tom Hanks to play the "Captain Sally" calm, to resolve a large disaster Sohu entertainment news station Maggie Ma North America the 86 year old Clint Eastwood (Clint Eastwood) is currently the Hollywood remains every two years, directed by a director of a department of age in the movie the biggest. At the same time, even if it was already old, Eastwood continues to challenge themselves, the latest works of "Captain Sally" (Sully) almost all films were taken by IMAX camera. He is particularly fond of the hero movie, just in his heroes not comic book superhero, but in reality those created "miracles" civilian heroes.     as a popular film of the year awards season in the "Captain Sally" based on a true story, tells the story called "Hodson miracle" crash incident. In January 15, 2009, Sally (Chesley " Sully" Sullenberger, Tom Hanks) as a captain in the United States aviation No. 1549 class, two minutes after takeoff from bird attack, two engine flameout, Sally made a decision in a short period of time, the aircraft landing in the Hudson River, eventually all 155 people survived. But after the captain was questioned by the airline, he made a few seconds under the pressure of the decision is correct? As a happy ending, if just show the aircraft landing process, insufficient to support a full feature film. So, the captain behind the challenge to defend themselves, has become a major part of the film in the event, let people see is not only a reproduction of the disaster scene is behind this captain bear the psychological pressure. Before Clint Eastwood’s similar "American sniper" (American Sniper), the film will explore behind the social influence and the hero with bitterness and challenge in the shape of an unknown hero also. If this is not the film, perhaps a lot of people do not know after the incident, the captain has been mired in controversy, almost turned from a hero into a sinner. The reason is that Sally in the plane after fault in a short few seconds to decide whether to return to the airport, or landing on the river. According to his experience and all kinds of information at that time on the plane, Sally believes that the aircraft can not get back to the airport, did not listen to the command of the dispatching station, but the choice of landing in the river. But this is obviously a lot more risky than landing at the airport. Is his estimate correct? After the investigation and computer simulation test shows that the aircraft has the ability to return to the nearby airport. However, the computer predictions did not calculate a factor: as the captain of the pressure. It takes a certain amount of time for anyone to make a decision in that case, and it is just a few seconds to change the fate of all. In addition to the wonderful debate and the debate on the precise presentation of the psychological pressure of the characters, the film is also the perfect number of computer technology from different angles.相关的主题文章: