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Each issued 50 thousand yuan worth of shares, Ma Huateng employees are so good just to give Ma Yuntian block it? Sohu science and technology today, Ma Huateng announced that the 18 anniversary of the establishment of the Tencent on the occasion, will be issued to all employees of the shares of 300 shares, according to the current stock price of HK $200, worth HK $60 thousand, $52 thousand and 700. These stocks, of which 100 shares lifted the same day, that employees can sell directly, the rest will be granted in two phases, that is, Tencent employees must continue to work for three years to get these stocks. Why would Ma Huateng choose to send stock to employees today? This year 11 Tmall party is held in Shenzhen Universiade Sports center. Shenzhen is the Tencent. Ma Huateng let the public relations department in eleven put a big news, then, Tencent decided to high-profile 18 birthday, Madden is more, to employees of a super big red. — this is. Ma Huateng in order to let the staff hand chop more cheerful, so send stock. Employees of the Tencent after hearing the news, tears open Tmall App, send money to the father of ma. — or scripts. The truth is that this reflects Ma Huateng’s wisdom of management as well as the Tencent’s corporate culture: there must be rewarded under Isao, and bliss. Prior to this, the Tencent to the outstanding employee stock incentive has many, but the annual year-end bonus of Tencent is the Internet giant in the most attractive game, some employees can even get year-end bonus over 50 months, which is millions of yuan level. In addition to the money, Ma Huateng also pays attention to employees of humane care, such as the annual Spring Festival after the start, Ma Huateng will take a Tencent executives personally to each employee "is started", even if there is a red WeChat stick hand, so at least you can see the side of employees, this has been a culture of Tencent. So it is said that Ma Huateng is a good boss of China, the staff is willing to give the boss is one of the key criteria. In fact, many entrepreneurs in Shenzhen have a similar style, such as not listed HUAWEI, although overtime is crazy, but also to pay for the dismissal of staff is also very high, and has been the mechanism of full ownership. There are the recent rise of the UAV giant Xinjiang, in this year simply give employees a reward of dozens of BMW cars. These Southern entrepreneurs practices are similar to actual staff benefits, let the staff have master spirit, rather than the capitalist way to exploit staff. Tencent employees said that Tencent Inc has been boiling, get stock incentive, they are giving friends and relatives red envelopes. Although they do not immediately take stock cash to chop hands, but it is almost certain that they then chop hand will be more capricious, after all, was also not bad money, people just need to give yourself a reason to chop hands. I think these employees are more likely to choose to hold these shares. As China’s largest Internet Co, Tencent still has strong growth potential. It is such a super WeChat App, and the current growth trend in big entertainment business layout, as well as the game the evergreen trees as a cash cow. What’s more, Tencent has been very restrained相关的主题文章: