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Duthel Te Andouble of the United States to express disgust: like a dog to be treated by the original title: Duthel Te Andouble asked whether the anti American visceral response: treat me like a dog Philippines summit [global network reporter Ma Li reported] according to Japan’s "Asahi Shimbun" reported on October 27th, Du Ritter told Japanese reporters 27 days special interview Andouble, he had to express to the American distaste called himself by the United States as a dog treat, and conceal his anger again to explain to the media dislike America reason, "we are just being tied up the dog, the United States will only cast from afar bread, we have a mouth". Although Japan’s foreign ministry said the Philippines leaders confirmed the importance and the American League, but the above statement once again showing Duthel Te’s anti American sentiment strong. On the 26 day of the Philippines summit, when Andouble asked so far "anti American views" is from the heart, Duthel Te responded "just rumors never mind". Then he confided to Andouble that he had been treated like a dog, and that the United States always threw bread from a distance. What will happen if the United States threatens to stop aid?". It is reported that the United States hate Duthel Te not only this time the speech. In the Philippines summit before the economic forum speech, Walter vividly described the US Philippine relations: like I’m a dog tied to a chain, while the United States said "if you don’t stop biting criminals, we will not throw bread into your mouth, we will throw away let you struggling reluctantly reach". This is the hope, let Philippines become a dog for them, for a little of their charity and petty profits. U.S. officials have said that Duthel Te’s series of comments not only in the United States and other countries caused concern, but also in the economic community caused concern. Duthel Te is on the 25 day visit to Japan before and after the arrival of the United States, Mengpi and swearing: "don’t treat us as your dog. As if I was a dog on a leash, you throw a piece of bread thrown into my reach.". In addition, after that the Philippine government crackdown caused human rights disputes on this issue, Duthel Te said, more than 3000 drug traffickers is not killed is killed by law enforcement officers, Duthel Te threat to Europe and the United States to reduce the dissatisfaction with the Philippines aid, and also made the above statement. Duthel Te has already put the American distaste fully demonstrated, he said in a speech in Tokyo, hope that foreign troops leave Philippines within 2 years, and that "if there is a need to revise or abandon the agreement, will be executed. The problem with the United States and Philippines is the military presence." Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: