Drowning 5 companions do not call for help without warning circle of friends he is still underwater-popkart

Drowning 5 companions do not call for help not to send a circle of friends: he is still underwater today is not your death is my death!" 24 PM, Zhenjiang Jurong City Youth reservoir play a joke on the spot was effective, said this young Xin finished saying this a few minutes to really sink to the bottom, never. However, more unexpected is, watching the companions sink to the bottom, 5 teenagers may be because frightened, actually no one help, until more than 8 hours later, the students circle of friends to get a shocking news: "small Xin estimation is still underwater!". This morning, the suffering of the parents came to the police station in Jurong scenic area of Maoshan, hope that through the coordination of 5 children’s parents to make compensation for 100 thousand yuan. It happened in the afternoon of the 24 day, when the temperature suddenly rise, small Xin and buddy Xiao Cao arrived at the Jurong spring city town of an ice rink, and 2 other buddy Xiaoyan, komago there are 2 girls meet, 6 people are in the age between 14 to 16 years old, of which 5 people the parents are working in the field. About 3 o’clock, 6 people tired, small Xin proposed to the grave East Reservoir swimming, the 6 hit it off. So the 6 men took the car in front of the battery from the market near the tomb of the reservoir to play 2. At the edge of the reservoir, small Xin just took off his shirt, pants and shoes are not off, they swim, followed by Xiao Cao also took off his shirt, pants water play, some people play about an hour in the water, the small Xin Xiao Cao and started chasing the play in the water, after he jokingly said: "this is not your death is my death!" , suddenly, a small Xin from the back of the small Cao embrace, dragged to the depths of the water, not the general assembly of the small Cao Yi sank to the bottom of the water, under panic, Cao shouted "help!" And, hard water, standing on the shore of the sun upon seeing this, quickly ran over to pull him, which was pulled down by Xiao Cao, panic, Xiao Cao actually stepping on the small sun surfaced shoulders, took a deep breath, the sun also surfaced, forced to drag the small Cao the shore. After landing, we suddenly found that Xin Xin disappeared. So the little sun and Xiaoyan hurriedly go fishing, the fishing for 10 minutes, laozhuo. There are farmers in the farm at nearby, as long as someone shouted for help, someone will come to rescue. Unfortunately, when 5 children in front of the scene is estimated to be petrified, people don’t even think around to help, there is a mobile phone also did not think the police. See Xin Xin has not surfaced, a few people actually on the shore waiting for more than 1 hours. The 3 Boys 2 girls returned to the town after the spring city, returned to the scene again, you can come up with small Xin dream. Can not see the small Xin, 3 people had to go home, because of fear, the 5 people actually did not talk about the matter to parents. At 12 o’clock, Xiao Cao’s father was also a parent’s phone, asking whether his son to the reservoir to swim, because he heard another parent said, there are several classmates to the reservoir to swim, a person has not come up, carefully asked, that is seen in the students WeChat group. Xiao Cao’s father quickly asked the son, Xiao Cao had to Zhecai.相关的主题文章: