Drink milk suffering from breast cancer Women’s health 9 mistakes you do not follow the steps tamiflu

Drink milk suffering from breast cancer? Female health 9 mistakes you don’t follow on lead: many women love reading health knowledge from the network, the magazine, originally did not pay attention to the health of what is wrong, but if the wrong way of health, health misunderstanding when the misuse of magic, but on the body will have the very big harm. The news recently exposed a series of drinking Soybean Milk breast cancer "," royal jelly fill out the tumor "women’s health issues, does not understand the scientific tonic can cause damage to the health! Content source: female beauty network nine errors should pay attention to recent news reports, a woman because of busy work, always thinking about health, even drink three years Soybean Milk, ended up with breast cancer, coincidentally, modern women always feel that life and work pressure, body health but blindly believe that all kinds of tonic method the tonic is not anti, into and from the mouth. Although eat soy products against cancer, but the five kind of tonic health care products royal jelly, gelatin, Dendrobium, ginseng, protein powder, is not suitable for all women to eat tonic inappropriate to bring a lot of trouble, and even serious consequences. Good health science according to TCM theory, the tonic in four ways, namely, Yin, Yang, Qi and blood, in the tonic before, it is best to find a regular hospital doctor of physical identification, symptomatic tonic. Such as cold, anemia, by less, pale tongue, this type of pulse fine false Ejiao appropriate tonic is beneficial, but the pulse string, pulse, red tongue, breast pain, breast fibroma in the people, if the tonic gelatin effect will be counterproductive. So it is not suitable for all female edible gelatin. As a special doctor, they solemnly reminded the public, health care products and the so-called tonic is not everyone can take, before use the best scientific assessment of their own physical condition, doctors usually emphasize food supplements as an antidote against the disease, in fact, to speak the right. Breast cancer is what the network "Soybean Milk long-term drinking will increase the odds of breast cancer", which is based on the said soy products contain large amounts of phytoestrogens, failed to absorb phytoestrogens will accumulate in the body, causing the body estrogen high, breast cancer incidence rate of lead. Such a theory is tenable? According to the study, excess estrogen does increase the risk of breast cancer, while the soybean isoflavone has the similar structure with human estrogen, the estrogen levels of bidirectional regulation, popular point that estrogen like substances in soybean, soybean isoflavone, it has a stable effect on the level of estrogen in the body, make the body’s estrogen the level is not too high or too low, and estrogen in vivo or different. There are nine female health health misunderstanding misunderstanding, you don’t step on the one after another! Myth: brushing your teeth immediately after dinner is a bad habit. The research shows that when people had just eaten a lot of food, especially acidic foods, the tooth surface will be a layer of enamel, enamel food will lead to become loose. This time to brush teeth, can easily lead to enamel damage. For a long time, the enamel of the teeth gradually reduced, volume.相关的主题文章: