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Self-Improvement At one time or another, everyone on a path of awakening encounters blocks or obstructions. What happens is that you decide that now you wish to live your life differently, to open up to all the possibilities that your life has to offer, to awaken to who you truly are. This is a very exciting and empowering decision to make, and it feels good. What often doesn’t feel so good is when you start to encounter the effects of those thoughts and beliefs which have kept you where you were and are not in line with where you want to be now. The ancient Hawaiian healing practice known as Ho’Oponopono, currently taught by Dr Hew Len, is a very simple and effective technique for clearing your stuck patterns and beliefs. It is based on the principle of taking 100% responsibility for everything, absolutely everything, that happens or shows up in your life, because you have in some way invited it. So, instead of feeling ‘victimised’ by any unpleasant, unhelpful or offensive people all situations in your life, you can choose to interpret them as a reminder for you. They are drawing your attention to something in your energy system, which you would like to clear now, as part of your growth and development. As you know from the law of attraction, your outer world reflects your inner world, aspects of which you are probably not consciously aware of, or prefer to ignore. Any time you find yourself asking " Why does this always happen to me? Why is this person being so rude/unpleasant/unhelpful?" etc or feel yourself being badly or wrongly treated, you can use the simple Ho’Oponopono process to clear this. All you have to do is bring to mind the situation will person you perceive as causing the situation you find un.fortable or unpleasant and say the following: I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. That’s it. All you have to do is say those four sentences and repeat them until you notice a change in your feelings or thoughts about the situation. Now you may bring to mind a situation which has caused you a lot of dis.fort or unpleasantness. You may remember how awful and terrible you think this person or the situation is and say there is no way that you could say I love you in this situation. This is perfectly understandable if you consider that someone has seriously wronged you or harmed you. However, what makes this process more do-able is that you don’t even have to mean it when you start saying it. You simply have to be willing to say it and it will work. By repeating those phrases, whether you fully mean them or not, you will begin to change your thoughts and feelings about the situation. They will begin to lose their emotional charge, and you will feel more at ease and more .fortable, until you be.e .pletely at peace with the situation. In this process, you are taking responsibility for the situation. It doesn’t matter how or why you think it came about, just the fact that you are in this situation is an indication that there is something you need to clear within yourself. When you are willing to believe this, you can get to a place of true gratitude for the other person’s part in your learning process. Can you imagine that? Instead of getting annoyed with the driver who cuts you up on your way to work, and getting into the train of thought about how rude and inconsiderate people are on the road these days, you can simply follow this Ho’Oponopono process called cleaning. Repeat the phrases I love you, I’m sorry. Please f.ive me. Thank you. Say them over and over to yourself and notice how quickly your state changes, and you can go back to enjoying the music on your radio. You can apply the cleaning process, to absolutely any situation in your life, past, present or future. You can clean big issues, small issues, anything at all. If you happen to have such resistance to this that you can’t bring yourself to say these words in a particular situation, then start by saying them to yourself, for being where you are. Then remind yourself that you don’t actually have to mean it, you are saying these words to free yourself. As you free yourself, you empower yourself, awakening to who you truly are and all the possibilities available to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: