Dongfeng Honda replacement Carnival fever struck-dingxiangwuyuetian

Dongfeng Honda replacement Carnival mania strikes location chosen for celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival, new Ying Guo, "Dongfeng Honda replacement carnival theme fiery strikes, in the national day, Mid Autumn Festival reunion reunion of the coming days, Dongfeng Honda dealers in Beijing area for you to hold an upgrade car carnival theme activities, in addition to all models of the price to the shock the price at the same time, we also launched multiple gifts, waiting for you to get oh!   the value of replacement month, one-stop service all get! From the car, the car drove away, peace of mind at ease! Our shop for the most affordable gift for you! 14:00 in September 25th, we launched the Mid Autumn Festival [selected, new] replacement towards national carnival theme activities, the day to shop to enjoy the same noble experience, you hurry up and join. 6 huge benefit: a re gift: in store gift: during the event all customers to shop and sweep the two-dimensional code can receive gifts *1 double ceremony: check the appointment ceremony: any brands to store can enjoy free evaluation, can also receive 1:43 models *1 three Rites: reunion ceremony: the successful replacement of Car Buying Mini ¥ 268 yuan *1 Haagen Dazs moon cake box, the whole family to share the joy of four Rites: Aili gentry: Kajd: 2000 yuan refueling fuel card 2000 yuan CRV:4000 yuan refueling card platinum core: 4000 yuan fuel card (old spirior replacement of the new 6000 yuan fuel card) five heavy ceremony: recommended ceremony: to introduce new customers and old customers to shop Car Buying donated 2 boxes of wine 1 Haagen Dazs moon cake box 600 yuan customer service vouchers six Rites: financial ceremony: success for China Merchants Bank installment purchase Aili gentry and spirior owners, you can receive a value of 2590 yuan ¥ Germany stratospheric rod box 1, In addition, XR-V, China Merchants Bank installment purchase CR-V, Gerui Jed civic, owners can be draw in September 25th 1 seats (first prize: rod box 1). On the day of the event there are exquisite dessert food, lovely interactive clown, fancy violin performances, so that you can enjoy a variety of quality services at the same time, to create a relaxed and comfortable car buying atmosphere. You can enjoy a rich delicacy with your family, and finally also in the most shocking price car, not a kind of enjoyment. Car Buying won awards, come and enjoy a Car Buying Carnival festival. Registration hotline: 010-68866198 [theme]: Dongfeng Honda replacement Carnival mania strikes [time]: September 1st -30, September 25th 14:00 (special events) [] Venue: Dongfeng Honda 4S shop express great hurry up Oh, feel our sincerity to the store price, with your favorite people together to enjoy a shop a Car Buying feast. Dongfeng Honda Ruiding shop all the staff welcome you to shop at.相关的主题文章: