Donald Trump For President Campaign 2012

News-and-Society After more than three decades in the property business, multiple bankruptcies, several highly publicized scandals and a hit television series, Donald Trump is being encouraged by young Republicans to try his hand at politics. The transitional success of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger from performer to legislator has inspired the creation of a website urging Trump to run for Presidential Office in the 2012 election. The site was created by four young, entrepreneurial-minded Republicans who see Trump as the ideal person to unify the Republican party and garner the public support necessary to topple incumbent Barack Obama in the next election. Stewart Rahr, Michael Cohen, Bradley Gerstman and David Schwartz, the minds behind have emphasized his business experience, can-do attitude and overall chutzpah in promoting Trump as a candidate. The ABC news site has reported that the website was created in response to a series of polls conducted over the past 18 months of the Obama Presidency suggesting Trump would stand a good chance in the forthcoming election. Trump has not yet offered comment on the site, and it does not reflect his personal or political aspirations in any direct sense. Founders of the site see it as a grassroots effort to push Trump into the running. The main feature of the site includes domain hosting of two major questions, responses to which could conceivably encourage the property magnate to seriously consider his chances in politics: namely, Should Donald Trump enter the 2012 Presidential Race? and Would you vote for Donald Trump in 2012? While statistics are obviously lacking objective credibility, as the poll is only available to those who visit the free domain name , results thus far have been promising. More than 70% of visitors have answered in the affirmative to both of the polling questions posed by the site. If the American voter demographic were composed exclusively of visitors to, the upcoming election would be little contest for the businessman. About the Author: Im 19 and from Devon, England. I like computers, surfing, music, and television though Im not quite sure what to do with my life. I finished college last year, read every day and spend too much time on the internet. I usually write reviews and think-pieces about IT, tech, gadgets Google and whatever else strikes my fancy. Article Published On: – News-and-Society 相关的主题文章: