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UnCategorized In spite of the economy, Boeing is proceeding with its new 787 airplane. The "Dreamliner" is designed to carry 200-300 passengers on long, international routes. Boeing plans test flights for 8-9 months, starting in June 2009 – less test flights than usual because the plane is 2 years behind schedule. Boeing’s new approach to plane building has been the primary cause of delay. Most major parts .e preassembled from places like France, Italy, Japan and Sweden and are put together in the Everett, Washington factory. If Boeing delivers the 861 Dreamliners on order, the .pany will make $144 billion. If not, Boeing dreams on. Many airlines are moving toward the dream of paperless check-in by increasing what customers can do with Inter.-enabled mobile phones. Customers can check-in on their phone just like they do with online Web sites. The final result is the appearance of a boarding pass with a square bar code on the mobile phone browser. The bar code can be read by scanners at security and boarding gates. It sounds good, but maybe some people will miss the old days when they couldn’t rush through the airport to wait at security. Security is what a federally proposed ban on Bisphenol A is about. BPA is a plastic additive used in food and beverage containers and high doses of it can cause reproductive abnormalities and cancer in animals. In the body BPA can act like a weak estrogen; and because it is used so widely, most people have detectable levels. Because scientists aren’t sure this poses a health risk, the ban is based on the precautionary principle, allowing governmental action without clear threat of harm. Baby bottles are now made without BPA; and because studies have shown BPA leaches out of plastic when heated, precautionary action sounds wiser than postcautionary. Precautionary might describe the Milwaukee police department being one of a growing number of police and fire departments using the social .work Twitter to contact the public within seconds via the Web or mobile phones. In 140 characters or less some departments notify people of traffic problems, explain why they are in certain locations or give crime prevention tips. Others encourage leads on investigations. The Milwaukee police have about 900 "followers" – people signed up to automatically receive all their text-messages. Unfortunately, anyone can go on these sites pretending to be police or firefighters – and that’s not a Tweet thought. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: