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Do you run for fourth term? Merkel or make a decision – Sohu news information chart in early next year: German Chancellor Angela Merkel in August 28,   according to Central News Agency reports, Germany will hold parliamentary elections in 2017, but the German Chancellor Merkel has not yet announced whether to run for fourth term. Sources said that due to the Christian Social Union has not yet expressed support, Merkel may be announced early next year whether the election. Reported that Germany will Congress fully re-election next year, has more than 10 years of the German leader Merkel will compete for the fourth term as prime minister, has triggered concern. Merkel was originally expected to announce at the beginning of this year, but because of the different and long-term friendly Christian Social Union stance on the refugee crisis treatment, polls have been declining, she has not publicly whether for re-election. German media quoted Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party sources pointed out that due to the Christian Social Union leader Hofer (Horst Seehofer) ze has not yet decided whether it will continue to support Merkel, Merkel may be announced until next year at the beginning of the year. The report also pointed out that the Christian Social Union is considering whether to launch its own Prime Minister candidate. However, due to the Christian Democratic Party will hold the Party Congress in December, it is understood that Merkel will compete for the leader position. If she is determined for the leader, means that she will run for re-election, continue to lead germany. But if there is no support for the Christian Social Union, the road re though not necessarily impossible, but the risk will increase, it will cause harm to her political popularity. The report pointed out that the Merkel campaign argues that the current poll slump, it is people dissatisfied with her refugee policy, the greater the degree of the Christian Democrats and the Christian Social Union differences may affect the German political development concerns. The report also said that in order to slow down and friendly political parties dispute brought about by the crisis, Merkel is trying to work with other parties, such as the green party to expand the alliance base.相关的主题文章: