Do things! Fund managers circle of friends in advance disclosure of suspected violations of dividend-ca1805

Do things! The fund manager circle of friends suspected of illegal dividend information leaked ahead of Cathay Pacific Fund Manager Liang Xing fund is a large proportion of dividends news publicity in the personal circle of friends, then the circle of friends is a screenshot, quickly spread in the industry. This just confirms the cattle in June 30th this year, sister (micro signal: buerniu5188) an exclusive report: fund companies rushed to the size of a new routine, this time aimed at the fund dividends…… Under the weak market, fund companies trying to attract funds through the dividend fund to do a large scale. But let the cow girl unexpectedly, originally thought that fund companies, institutions and the third party which is the unspoken rule, even by fund managers to work in just ways. Looking for tax avoidance fund is a new method of mutual cooperation between the fund company and the three party sales organization. Earlier, a third party sales agency sources are busy looking for a high proportion of dividend fund, to the enterprise " enterprise funds to buy in fund dividends, dividends after the redemption, can achieve the purpose of tax avoidance; fund companies on the one hand can do mass at a particular point in time, on the other hand can also earn fund redemption fee. " tax money into the dividend fund will not dilute the original fund holders, but lawyers said that the fund manager or call ahead of the public disclosure of information relating to such problems. The fund manager of dividend information leaked ahead of well-known blogger " " Cao rocks; the WeChat circle of friends screenshots sent fans at micro-blog, Cathay Pacific Fund manager Liang Xing violation complaints. " see: there is a large proportion of dividends will fund 30% recently, the best choice of tax avoidance, welcome window. " in the above screenshot circle of friends, called " beam apricot – Cathay Pacific Fund " so people for dividend fund " at ". Not much to say, directly above the lower down here with Xingwei beam according to the circle of friends believe industry sources, yesterday, Liang Xing is in the circle of friends published remarks, so the picture is PS. Below the circle of friends, also is a beam of apricot notes of blue chip fund. However, Cathay Pacific Fund said this reply, its recent no dividend fund, fund managers in the circle of friends is not necessarily the Cathay Pacific fund. At present, Liang Xing has been removed from the circle of friends. Usually, the circle of friends is the most frequently forwarded news is news, the above is the first time. Unlike many fund managers on the track of occupation, she was a senior regional manager, deep sales field; in 2011 7 joined Cathay Pacific Fund, also served as a brand manager, followed by the conversion of runway as a research assistant, fund manager. Just 99 days ago, she was promoted to fund manager. At present, the management of Thailand’s food and beverage industry index card and Thailand medical and health card index funds (also contains each of its A B share), was started in June 8th this year, a total size of about 8 billion yuan of assets management; deputy director and from the beginning of June this year as Cathay Pacific Fund quantitative investment department. Interestingly, in the " " Cao rocks; micro-blog’s comment area, some netizens reply by.相关的主题文章: