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Chronic-Illness Most of the people know what surgery is but they are not aware what laparoscopic surgery is. There is a slight difference between both of them. Surgery is operation that is operated on any patients suffering from some diseases but laparoscopic is not any type of surgery operated on any patients. It is only performed on such patients who are capable to go under it. It is not operated on any patients just like that. Laparoscopic surgery is also called sleeve gastrectomy surgery , bariatric and minimally invasive surgery. It is a specialized method to perform surgery. In the past, this procedure was .monly used for gall bladder and for gynecologic surgery. Over the period of last 10 years, the use of this process has prolonged into intestinal surgery. In traditional and open surgery the surgeon make use of a single incision to enter into the abdomen. But the laparoscopic surgery uses several incisions, named as port. The instrument that is inserted is called trochars. It is also called tubular instrument that is inserted at each port. Then, the specialized instruments known as laparoscope are passed through the trochars during the process. If you want to know about the procedures then you can ask your surgeon before he gets started. At the starting of the procedure, the abdomen is exaggerated with carbon dioxide gas to deliver a working and viewing space for the surgeon. Then the laparoscope helps to transmit the images from the abdominal cavity to high-resolution video monitors in the operating room. During the process the surgeon watches .prehensive images of the abdomen on the monitor. This system permits the surgeon to perform the similar procedure as traditional surgery but then the smaller incisions are used. In some of the situations a surgeon may select to use a special type of port that is big enough to insert a hand. When a hand port is used the surgical procedure then is called hand assisted laparoscopy surgery. The incision essential for the hand port is greater than the other laparoscopic incisions, but is generally smaller than the incision vital for traditional surgery. There are many benefits of laparoscopic surgery as .pared to the traditional open surgery. In this type of surgery the patients do not experience much pain, recovers faster and is less terrifying. The cost of bariatric surgery cost in India is not more than 3-5 lakhs and it is safe too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: