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Software Microsofts Windows series of operating system has been with us for more than two decades. In those two decades, Windows has gone through numerous iterations and versions and each version has added new features while at the same time, improved the existing ones. Unfortunately for Microsoft, some changes have confuses some users who upgraded to the newer versions of Windows. This is none more so than the latest Windows, Windows 8. Windows 8 has ditched user interface and replaced it with a slicker and much more modern user interface, just like the one found in their Window phone devices. When Windows users encounter a problem with their .puter and require Windows Help, they find themselves facing a dilemma. Should they open the official Windows Help & Support page and try to resolve the issue they are facing on their own for free or call in professionals for online Windows support. Microsofts official Windows Help & Support page offers handy text guides for problems that are .monly encountered by Windows users. If the user still cannot find what he or she is looking for, a quick search will lead then to a plethora of Windows Help forums where they can read walkthroughs that should provide step by step instructions on how to resolve the problem. The drawback of such pages is that the generally, user is accepted to be one who is familiar of .puter terms. If the user is an average person who is not tech savvy, they will be extremely confused with the instructions given and they may accidently make matters worse. Another problem with free support is the time that you will have to spend just resolving the issue. With online Support for Windows, youll have to pay to get Windows Help, but drawbacks like the ones mentioned above are avoided. Third party tech support .panies use remote access technology in order to resolve your issues. Remote access technology allows their technical support experts to resolve your issues as though they were physically present at your location. Speaking of tech support experts, the ones hired by these .panies have years of experience providing technical support and they can not only provide Windows Support, but help for other Microsoft services as well, for example, Hotmail help. Online Tech support is better than traditional tech support because traditional tech support required people to either wait for a stranger to show up at their doorstep, or carry their .puter all the way to a service centre for repair. Online technical support can be availed at anytime and anywhere. In the end, the service you wish to avail of should depend on your urgency as well as your budget. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: