Deep restructuring of the 1000 day Moupian Chinese development new network – use wisdom and

Deep restructuring of the 1000 day: Moupian Chinese – Beijing in November 12, 2013, with wisdom and courage to end on the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, considered and adopted the "on deepening reform of the overall number of major issues". 1 and a half months later, in December 30th of the same year, the Central Political Bureau held its twelfth meeting, decided to set up a comprehensive reform of the central leading group, headed by Xi Jinping. The group is responsible for the reform of the overall design, co-ordination, overall progress, supervise the implementation". (source: People’s network September 21st) into the new century, China’s economic and social development rely on? What is used to crack the current development of resistance? No doubt, is the reform. It is because of the conscious reform has special meaning for the development of China, the central deep reform group in less than three years of the 1000 day held 27 meetings, review the 162 documents, from the highest decision-making level to seek economic and ecological civilization, democracy, culture, social system reform, six the main aspects of the system of Party building, discipline inspection system, for China comprehensive economic and social coordinated development to make overall and coordinated planning and long-term property. Look for the direction of reform, first need to make wisdom. In the full deployment of the central deep reform group, all over the country by the steady growth of structural adjustment of economic development, constantly optimize the political environment through strictly, through the people’s livelihood reform continuously enhance people gain a sense of the rule of law, rule of law China to pave the road, to build ecological civilization through the ecological environment governance…… A series of policy measures and a series of air plant, iron grip marks, which shows the central deep reform group pragmatic decision-making attitude and decision-making wisdom look far ahead from a high plane. It is also due to the central deep reform group decision-making wisdom and unremitting efforts, the current development of the urgent need to break the China major problem will be smoothly done or easily solved. Moupian Chinese development, also need the more courage. As National School of Administration professor Xu Yaotong said, "after 30 years of reform, the rest is" hoe ", how to break through the resistance of vested interest stratum, which is the key". Obviously, under bite bones, from the central level to implement the reform make snap in economic system, political system, cultural system and social system, system of ecological civilization construction and party system level, get rid of improper interests to reform with the system mechanism, to pave the way for the reform of other fields. To this end, the central deep reform group to cut the courage to pay close attention to corruption corruption, promote decentralization, comprehensively promote the rule of law, will power off into the cage system, under the supervision of the public power in the "sunshine". Review of the central deep reform group 1000 days: the first year of comprehensive deepening of reform of the Central Committee in 2014 held the 8 meeting of the group of deep change, and review of the 37 documents; meeting in 2015 11, the examination and approval of the 65 documents; in the first 8 months of this year held the 8 meeting of the group of deep change, the examination and approval of documents 60…… Obviously, the central deep reform group has with the wisdom and courage to bear the responsibility China development planning! (South Dai Qingfeng)相关的主题文章: