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Daughter, daughter-in-law and middle-aged women arrange many women fake dating network Scam – Li Dandan (left) in the courtroom demonstration for gambling owed high debts, middle-aged women and men Chen Lihu Su Juan counsel, decided to name out fake dating scam. Subsequently, Chen Lihu is responsible for looking for unmarried young man, Su Juan let his daughter posing as blind date girl. After several successful fraud, in order to prevent her daughter was found frequently blind date, Su Juan and let her daughter and other young women took turns posing blind date girl. Their "business" expanding the geographical scope, convenient for the blind to go out "team", Su Juan made his son Liu Dong as the driver, and the blind girl "brother" status, earn a fare and some red. Su Juan fraud Gang expanded to 13 people, including a total of 6 members of the family of Su Juan. June 23, 2016, Jiangsu City, Huaian District Court held a public hearing of the case in the case of. 13 defendants employ a total of 9 defense lawyers. Compared with the defense table lined up a huge team of lawyers, Huaian District procuratorate Li Dandan and assistant prosecutor at the court to support the prosecution is very weak, but two people full of spirit. In the nearly 10 hours of the trial, the 13 defendants and 9 defense lawyers by cross examination opinion, from a different perspective on the prosecutor’s allegations, or denied, or puts all sorts of excuses, both sides have been met. Among them, the confrontation between the prosecutor and the defender Liu Dong is particularly fierce. Prosecutors accused me of Liu Dong’s identity as a blind date girl brother, providing services for fraud gangs, a total of 17 involved in fraud, involving up to more than 20 yuan. But after a careful review of files, counsel that only 2 of them have sufficient evidence, the other 15 were lack of evidence, the per capita defense is not recognized." His words caused a stir in the defence of the accused, Liu Dong’s defender. Prosecutors accused Liu Dong of involvement in the 17 cases of fraud, the driver is only the identity of Liu Dong. Beforehand, he was not involved in the fraud plan; things, he did not participate in the specific details of the fraud, the victim’s home, he only play mobile phone in the car; afterwards, he did not participate in the spoils, just took some petrol. Therefore, Liu Dong’s behavior in the fraud in a minor, the accomplices in the accomplice to the crime, can not……" The defender said. Liu Dong knew his mother, wife, sister, etc. in the name of a blind date in the case of fraud, fraud Gang is still providing transportation and other help, which constitutes an accomplice in the crime of fraud. Although Liu Dong did not participate in the activities of the specific planning of fraud, fraud fraud not involved in the process of specific details, afterwards did not participate in the spoils, but these are just as to be considered in the fraud in the master-slave crime and the sentencing circumstances, does not affect the qualitative behavior." "From the police interrogation record against Liu Dong, accusing him in 17 cases of crime facts, Liu Dong only 2 of them from the fraud process, fraud on location in more detail, the other 15, he can’t say a person’s name and address, cheated cheated amount and other details, record are very simple accordingly.相关的主题文章: