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CW season "legend" "tomorrow for mid-range evil force" schedule change – Sohu entertainment CW season mid-range arrangement: "tomorrow" the legend of "evil" schedule change,   Sohu; entertainment news (text ah package) CW Taiwan arranged a mid-range season play of the drama, "evil force" (Supernatural) will be moved to the twelfth season Thursday night 8 p.m.. The drama "love today" (No Tomorrow), the "black hole" frequency (Frequency) did not obtain the series scheduled, the first quarter was 13 sets, so "love today" after sowing, from the beginning of January 24th tomorrow "legend" (DC ‘s Legends Of Tomorrow) will be moved to 9 points Tuesday night file broadcast. In the "black hole frequency" after the end of the first quarter of next year in February 1st, "earth hundred sons" (The 100) file, the fourth quarter of return. In addition, determine the return date and "I am a zombie" (iZombie), the third season premiere in April 4th next year, in the wind "Queen" (Reign) in the fourth quarter will return in February 10th next year, "the originals" (The Originals) in the fourth quarter of March 17th return. In the new season for "Valley town" (Riverdale) in the first quarter of next year will be premiered on January 26th. Specific arrangements are as follows: the Monday 8-9 PM? "Superwoman" (Supergirl) 9-10 PM? "Virgin love" (Jane the Virgin) on Tuesday (since January 24th) 8-9 PM? "Flash" (The Flash) 9-10 PM? "Legend" Tomorrow (the new schedule) on Wednesday (since February 1st) 8-9 PM? "Arrow" (Arrow) 9-10 PM? "" earth 100 (new season) on Thursday (since January 26th) 8-9 PM? "Evil" ("9-10") PM? "(Series Premiere) Valley town on Friday (since February 10th) 8-9 PM?" the Vampire Diaries "(The Vampire Diaries) 9-10 PM? In the wind" Queen "(the new season on Friday (since March 1) 7 day) 8-9 PM? "The originals" (the new season) 9-10 PM? In the wind "Queen" on Tuesday (April 4th) 8-9 PM? "I am a zombie" (the new season) 9- 10 PM? "I am a zombie" (third episode second) on Tuesday (since April 11th) 8-9 PM "flash" 9-10? PM? "I am a zombie" (regular broadcast schedule)相关的主题文章: