Customers want to change Geely tail number hundred RMB 2200 yuan in cash to take wings to itself-dataload

Customers want to change Geely tail number hundred RMB 2200 yuan in cash to take wings to itself original title: "customers" to change the Geely tail number of hundred dollar bills were 2200 yuan in cash   pictures from the network take wings to itself. Hualong network October 9th news (reporter Zhu Ke) 16:30 say "customer is God", in the vicinity of Ju Jin Garden in Chongqing Jiangbei District a small supermarket and so Deng Pingshi encouraged his, a "customer" but a few days ago she received is that she is very angry. The customer bought two boxes of milk after closing, took out two pieces of 50 yuan money wanted to change a tail number Geely hundred dollar bills, the money was found after Deng lost 2200 yuan, how is this going? Deng in Jiangbei District, a supermarket work, September 20th at 8 o’clock in the evening, a middle-aged man holding a box of milk to checkout the supermarket cashier, he first gave the money to pay the money Deng Xiaoping, Deng found a $50 to him 44. "Then he took out two pieces of 50 yuan of money to me that I want to change a tail number is 36, 38, one hundred yuan denomination Number 39 good money, I will from the cash box and took a few pieces of one hundred out to help him find the results did not want his number he said he would help him look for it." Deng said that although he was a bit impatient at the time, but the thought of "customer is God", or endure a forbearance. Deng then from the cash box and took out a stack of hundred dollar bills with a rubber band around the value of ten thousand yuan, "this middle-aged man has been on the side to help me find muttered, then to my face, the money is in the doings of ghosts and gods ran in his hand, when I take the money with a rubber band tied into the checkout time, always feel a little something, but I think of staring at the stack of money, do not think what trouble, after 10 minutes after what seems to be the problem, a few money, really less than 2200 yuan!" Xiaodeng second days reported to the police. The Public Security Bureau police station garden village, Jiangbei District, after receiving the report, immediately call the supermarket monitoring by the victim identified, locked the suspect yang. Garden Village police station has been searching, but always did not find the whereabouts of the thief, so he put the focus on Yang family. The police went deep into the Yang’s home, to the family of statements of interest, let them persuade Yang soon surrendered for leniency, Yang’s family finally willing to cooperate to persuade his son to surrender. In October 8th, the suspect Yang gave himself up to the police station, the case is being further processed. Police advise: 1, supermarket storage goods, should be alert to others peeping, take good care of the password box. 2, in the purchase of goods or try on clothes, should take care of their bags and carry items, will be placed in the line of sight, the female customers best shopping together, remind each other. 3, do not pack the bag behind the back, should be tilted and chest. Try not to carry large amounts of cash and valuables, 4 to go shopping; should the wallet in the lingerie chest pocket or purse and placed in; 5, vigilance and away from those designed to many people crowded and not buy things, Yan相关的主题文章: