Court SR9 has come to the store to welcome the exhibition hall to participate in the pre-sale-candle june

The court has to store SR9 welcome to the exhibition hall in Guangzhou all the pre-sale will be   the Thailand court made Porsche SR9 has been to the shop, welcome to participate in the exhibition hall will be pre-sale, now booking year premise car! Guangzhou Zhongting Zotye SR9 will be pre-sale opportunity! On October 29-30 SR7 Super Sport version: Hui Ju 10 thousand cash discount, MT cube heart ex models comprehensive preferential 8000 yuan Limited 1 panic buying customers to shop to enjoy the 7 rites [1] into the store as a complimentary gift [2] daily signing ceremony hit the golden egg: 200 time stamps, alluvial gold mammon, electric cooker, thermos bottle, recorder, navigation, headrest driving pillow (first come first served) [3] subsidies ceremony: Zotye SR71.5T models can enjoy half purchase tax [4] replacement ceremony: Guangzhou public court launched replacement second-hand car detection and evaluation, acquisition, transfer, insurance and other one-stop service. [5]: long warranty and maintenance maintenance gift purchase Zotye SR7 models customers can enjoy the manufacturers for 4 years or 150 thousand km!! [6]: a financial gift card, loan second fix, easy to carry car! [7] Car Buying ceremony: during the event all Car Buying customers have the opportunity to receive a million yuan a luxury package. The court auto give you the most preferential price, the most attentive service, let you rest assured that Car Buying, car ride comfort, ease, repair worry! Early morning to buy, buy early morning card, to enjoy the early morning to buy to enjoy preferential purchase tax! Guangzhou Zhongting car time, place on rich and reasonable price. Want to get the car as soon as possible friends, hurry up! Interested friends can go to the store. 4S headquarters: Guangzhou Baiyun District Guanghua Road (Xia Mao passenger station opposite) sales hotline: 020-66677399相关的主题文章: