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Recipes Most people are surprised these days when they see the prices quoted by caterers for most events like Birthday Parties, Anniversaries and other social events in a Banquet Hall type of setting. The cost of quality Food and Beverage (F&B) is on the rise; and only going in the upward direction. Expect for the most affluent; others are struggling to save up money and have the ability to spend these kinds of monies. Sometimes it is inevitable. So here are some ideas to cut your cost and yet have for example an enjoyable birthday party of your loved ones. Think of having your event at your own home if possible and if no space constraints or go outdoors, instead of in a Banquet Hall. Try to make your own starters; that are simple and may be easily purchased in a super market. With little bit of an effort at home; you are able to create good looking and satisfying starter options. Formal banquet hall or party hall owners charge exorbitant prices for starters; and these items are generally more profitable for them than the main course items. Serving alcoholic beverages in a party at Banquet Hall type of facility can be expensive; where they will probably charge per serving. And you will also be charged for serving charges, and local taxes which will add up to be larger percentage of each serving. Instead, if you buy your alcoholic beverages at your neighborhood wine shop, you will be able to save much money. And generally letting your guests help themselves, without having to have the overheads of having serving staff, will help you reduce your costs. When it .es to main course food; nowadays there are several caterers in metro cities like Mumbai and Bangalore and other; where they will supply cooked food in hot boxes; and deliver right before your event. Some of these options are at times are less expensive; and much fresher .pare to other main stream options. For example; for a Banquet Halls Bangalore owner to cook for your specific event, they will incur particular labor costs; including serving staff costs. Banquet Hall owners will pass on this cost to the host; irrespective of size of your party. Instead consider the option of having a local caterer cook best possible menu items and deliver to your location. This trend is fast growing in metro cities; where most of known food chains are offering such services. For example Adigas or A2B types of chains are happily offering such cooked food deliveries. And these chains will ensure certain quality as they are established players in this space. It is a win-win situation for both the customers and the caterers. From a caterer’s perspective, they cook the food at a central location for several customers at once; enabling them to be efficient, and cost effective. And for customers, they are getting quality, known branded food, as the caterer is able to pass on the cost savings of central cooking to their customers. In a nutshell, if you are able to conduct your event at your home, and have local caterers deliver food, you can save lot of costs. It also creates the personal touch with your guests; creating a lasting memory. For more information on Bangalore Banquet Halls and Caterers please click here 相关的主题文章: