Consumers about four hundred thousand to buy imported BMW car found traces of renovation

About four hundred thousand of consumers buy imported BMW found traces of a woman to buy imported Sanming refurbished BMW SUV found traces of the renovation of Ms. Zhang Sanming Yongan Sanming not long ago in a 4S shop, spent about four hundred thousand to buy a BMW SUV, the new car in second days to hand found that this car is. A new vehicle over. In order to check whether one, Ms. Zhang also took the car to send to the identification, identification results show that location is indeed re painting. Ms. Zhang believes that first of all, BMW is a global brand, she is the trust of the brand to buy this car, I did not expect to encounter this situation. So why did the car paint again? Why not tell consumers before selling 4S shop? About four hundred thousand of the imported BMW car parked in the refurbished found traces of Sanming Meilie BMW sales shop SUV, Ms. Zhang is two months ago, spent four hundred and sixty thousand yuan to buy imported BMW X4. But she did not expect that, second days she put the car in the 4S shop, in the car to film when it was found, was repainted the car. Ms. Zhang found the BMW store to discuss that, while the 4S shop staff said not refurbished. The two parties have negotiated, fruitless negotiations, Ms. Zhang took this car to the 4S shop, and a lawyer and notary office staff, first with the paint coating thickness gauge test data. After measurement, Ms. Zhang found that this car imported BMW left rear door and the left wing of the painting. Ms. Zhang came to the staff involved in the trade and industry, but the two sides still do not agree. The results of forensic re spraying paint since Sanming Meilie the BMW shop does not recognize the identification of Ms. Zhang do, then she asked the court to jointly entrust a judicial authentication institution. The reporter saw in the identification of the report in August 20 sunrise, paint film thickness detection, this BMW X4 SUV on the left side of the back door and the left wing reached 284, 303, 262, 324 micron. Expert opinion is, by the two parts of the car is really re spraying paint renovation. Identification results show that this BMW SUV has re painted. So, why did the car paint again? Reporters found the 4S shop, the beginning of the sales staff also tried to hide this thing. Subsequently, the reporter found a person in charge of the store, he said it was not good to respond. Two months later, Ms. Zhang said the 4S shop did not give a truth, she felt the car to re paint is likely to be an accident car. Subsequently, the reporter found a BMW shop maintenance personnel to understand, he speculated that this situation may be due to the scraping process caused by scraping. But for maintenance personnel, Ms. Zhang said she could not believe. She believes that the 4S store has refused to disclose the truth, indicating that the car may have been more serious collision, but she is not a professional can not see. So Ms. Zhang felt that this 4S shop is malicious to conceal the truth to deceive consumers. If the 4S shop in the car when they know that the off-road vehicle has been refurbished, and the consumer is still hiding after knowing that such behavior is really bad. At present, Ms. Zhang in order to consolidate the BMW car has evidence of renovation相关的主题文章: