Constellation sincere words wonderful water bottles do not let me see his bird (Figure)-lightscape

Constellation true words: wonderful water bottle is not let me see his bird (Figure) the first time I met with a bottle of water, let me see him! And then when the movie he was in a sneaky way to hold my hand, when waiting for the bus to kiss me, finally let me go home to sleep with him…… Sina constellation users love the love that little fish to the Sina constellation bottle dating men let me see a few weeks ago I passed his bird before my colleagues know a bottle of GG, first met colleagues call him at the bus station to meet me, to my colleagues opened the canteen to know is the introduction of the boy. Bottle GG is Zilai Shu people ah, I haven’t made a hot ass, he will take me to his home to see his bird, to him up is very clean, the bird on the balcony, I see, don’t keep long, the bird is very small. Then ate dinner and watched a film, an important movie when he began to touch Suo to pull my hand, when the movie quickly scattered, we left, he sent me to the station, because it was late a few basic bus to my bus only then a road car, so for a long time did not wait, we stand in the chat, he wants to kiss me, I pushed him away, he said that night told me not to go back, go to bed at his home, I think it is too bad, did not say no, do D home. Then I went home and called my colleague and said, "what a good man he is.". Two days later he asked me to go to Jianghan Road to play, took me to eat a meal, we said to sing, to choose home in his leisure, expensive, I think there is a little expensive, did not say what, so for home, this is a lot cheaper, but sing well, anyhow a drink, don’t know he is stupid or stingy, didn’t take in to buy a drink, or drink little inside. 6 weeks later I went to his home for dinner, his father made a lot of delicious, also told me not to go that night in his home, second days let him take me out to play, I left, Sunday to play one day, also in his home Monday night, directly from his home the company to go to work. He asked me to go to his house for dinner on Tuesday, and his mother told me to come back for dinner on Tuesday. Classic things, I yesterday, also is the story of the Tuesday, I went to his home, he went to the station to meet me, to him to stop, I’ll go upstairs, he said his father at home, but the door was wide open, did not see his father until he came to open the door. He was from the back room, Dad went out to take a broom, I do not care about is not his father not to hear, go, see table three dish, his father told us to eat, and then to say do not say in advance, I would say the stunned, but not too care, want to estimate his mother at work did not come back, his father did not know, nor did he say. Eat a meal, I was very diligent. Wash the bowls, then we play in his room, his father then go out to play, he has been playing the game, also called me to sit next to me and mobile phone chat QQ, he has also been in the group chat bird slingshot ah these things, let I help him to see what the mobile phone ah. I don’t think I’m not.相关的主题文章: