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Civil Aviation Authority: 800 km below the fare by the airlines themselves – Sohu News China Civil Aviation Bureau issued a document to further expand the market price range. Among them, 800 km of the following routes, more than 800 km and high-speed rail EMU train to form a competitive route passenger transport fares by the airlines in accordance with the law independently. Annual increase in the price of airline fares per route per season shall not exceed 10%. The following is the full text: the reform and development of the Civil Aviation Administration of Chinese National Commission on the relevant issues concerning the deepening of Civil Aviation domestic air passenger transportation fares reform notice of the Civil Aviation Administration of various regions, airlines, all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities development and Reform Commission, the price bureau: to implement the "opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the reform of the price mechanism" ([2015]28) spirit, give full play a decisive role in the market allocation of resources, promote the quality and efficiency of civil aviation transportation, to better meet people’s travel demand, decided to deepen the civil Aviation domestic air passenger transportation fares reform, mainly by improving market price formation mechanism of price. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: first, to further expand the market price range of 800 km route, following routes, more than 800 kilometers and high-speed EMU trains compete route passenger transport fares by the airlines to develop independently. Domestic air passenger transport fares to implement the market price of the route directory, by the civil aviation authority of the national development and Reform Commission in accordance with the competitive situation of the transport market to implement dynamic adjustment, the specific directory published on the website of the civil aviation authority. Two, the airline formulate and adjust the market route specific fare type, level, applicable conditions, should be at least 7 days in advance to the public, and through the aviation price information system to the civil aviation authority, the national development and reform commission. Airlines raised the market price adjustment route without discount announced the fare, in principle, each season should not exceed 10 routes, each route per season fare increase of not more than 10%. The season for summer season and winter spring season, the specific date stipulated by the civil aviation bureau. Three, the airline should strictly abide by the "price law", "Civil Aviation Law" and other laws and regulations, in accordance with the principle of legality, fairness and honesty ", making the market adjusted price airline passenger ticket price, and take the initiative to open the portal, accept social supervision. To continuously improve the management level, to provide the majority of passengers with the quality of passenger transport services. Airlines and sales agent shall strictly implement the provisions of the price tag, in addition to indicate the actual execution of each route fare, services and fees should also indicate fares charged change fees, refund fees, excess baggage fees and other fees corresponding, shall not charge any fees not specified in the price of foreign. Four, the civil aviation industry departments at all levels should establish and improve the domestic air passenger transport fares monitoring system to strengthen the domestic passenger transport fares on the implementation of internal supervision. The airline and its sales agents in the price of illegal acts, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the corresponding administrative treatment. To accelerate the construction of civil aviation price integrity system, strengthen the airline, ticket sales day相关的主题文章: