Christine Fan after exposure to pregnancy crazy hair loss treatment after accidentally grow a beard-alienware m17x

Christine Fan admit pregnant crazy hair after treatment, but the accident a beard Christine Fan a family of four according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, artist Christine Fan married for 5 years, 2015 gave birth to a lovely twin Feifei, Xiangxiang, after becoming a mother her devotion to family life, often in the community to share parenting experience, but she looks good postpartum recovery, 7, has revealed his still affected pregnant sequelae in the birth year, hoping to get the fans understand. Christine Fan had faced serious hair loss during pregnancy, even a year after giving birth to a still not much improvement, she simply cut off the last sign for a pretty long hair, short hair style, and hair began to accept treatment, "the 3 months the hair slowly more and more strong, but flourish." treatment of the sequela after another, her eyebrows are increasingly thick, "fast crayon, work have to rely on make-up dressing, even long thin beard. Christine Fan micro-blog became coarse eyebrows screenshots, Christine Fan often asked whether to tattoo, in the face of such a question she said dumbfounding, but also do not know how to explain, finally choose to disclose the secret in their community, "I hope you accept with my hair, I love the thick eyebrow."相关的主题文章: