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Chongqing: a truck rollover runaway curve one person died on the spot (Figure) on November 1, 2016 at 6:48 in the morning, Wuxi Chengxiang County Town Village section of highway 201 fountain bends a train from Wuxi County town methyl bound for Wuxi county direction of light truck rollover runaway car crashed into a roadside hillside, 2 people were trapped. Wuxi county fire brigade received the alarm call, quickly dispatched a rescue vehicle, 6 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the rescue scene, the fire brigade arrived at the scene after the car on the 2 trapped workers rescued, the accident caused 1 deaths, 1 people were injured. The fire brigade arrived at the scene and found a license plate number for Chongqing F3A192 light truck rollover on the roadside, hit the roadside cliff, deformation of serious damage to the cab, the vehicle also flashing lights, car two men trapped in the cab, the cab legs were deformed tightly stuck unable to move, to varying degrees the injured, after on-site medical staff confirmed Deputy cab on the man had no signs of life. According to the scene, fire officers and soldiers quickly rescue, fire officers decided to rescue the injured man, fire officers and soldiers using hydraulic shears expansion pliers, hydraulic rams and other rescue tools to rescue the deformation of the vehicle cab expanded, the fire brigade after nearly 20 minutes of intense rescue, successfully trapped men rescued the driver’s seat. Subsequently, the fire brigade to rescue the trapped on the copilot seat. The Deputy cab is tightly against the cliff, rescue space is very narrow, brought great difficulties to the rescue work, the vehicle rollover fire officers and soldiers using traction rope rescue fire truck on the card on the cliff to open, and then use the stone fixed on the vehicle, after the rescue personnel into the narrow cab. The use of hydraulic equipment for rescue trapped vice cab, after the fire brigade rescue efforts, successfully rescued trapped. According to the accident truck driver, was driving a truck to the downhill, due to fast speed, and the curve too quickly, the vehicle suddenly lost control and overturned and crashed into a roadside cliff. Fortunately, the fire brigade arrived at the scene in time, the successful rescue of two trapped people. At present, the local traffic police department is under investigation.相关的主题文章: