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Chinese two child policy or a part of Spanish dairy enterprises help new network new network in August 29, straw – in Spain European Network reported that Spain has not improved significantly in the face of the economy under heavy pressure, part of the company’s milk price war and dealers in the market share of Catalonia’s falling down, the dairy company ATO in this background encounter such a situation, but the emulsion company in the face of difficulties, the development of local opt out, look abroad, after the two child policy open, the huge demand for milk in the Chinese dairy products demand growth even more, and ATO the company will not miss this golden opportunity, a new way for the development of enterprises in the market in Chinese. In fact, the company is affiliated with CAPSA group, a group of dairy products in Asturias. The majority of ATO’s stake is not in the hands of the group, 60% of the shares were held by the Catalonia side of the animal husbandry in, another 40% in the hands of the CAPSA group. Before China decided to enter the market, the dairy company in Spain and in the vicinity of the sales market mainly in Catalonia, Aragon and Andorra, and did not advance to other regions, so as to avoid the bad competition with other brands of dairy group. The leader of the company Jaume pont explanation, said the company in the face of a bad situation in Spain milk market, development must seek new markets to boost its trade, and for the China market development, the company has undoubtedly ease the enormous pressure to sell products. Only this year, the company is determined to put 10 million liters of milk to the Chinese market, and the trade will bring sales of up to EUR 7 million. In order to achieve the success of this trade, the company also has Chinese area dealers to communicate, these dealers are mainly through the network to sell the company’s products, and the milk brand and not because of the sale location change, still retains the ATO brand. The company responsible person said that the Chinese market for foreign food demand for foreign brands grow with each passing day, consumer interest in Chinese, milk is very important food, after the two child policy, the number of newborns will surge, this is undoubtedly an extension of market share, occupy the opportunity, however, to so far, the company did not really make it because the export profit in the Spanish market turnover problem has been thoroughly improved, profit is still insufficient, the company’s China milk market tour, is still a long way to go. The company is only a microcosm of many Spanish dairy company, one of the pioneers of milk in international trade, in addition to the appropriate marketing market share, is also facing a huge challenge, which China huge market demand can be met so far, because the company has certain goods store, but China consumer spending may also make this trade quickly in short supply, to maintain a good income, the dairy products manufacturers also need to increase the intensity of production, in order to ensure quality.相关的主题文章: