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Chinese innovative R & D expenditures ranked second in the world – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Guangzhou November 13th news (reporter Wang Kailei, Lv Guangyi) recently, the world economic forum China Council in Guangzhou issued "innovation ecosystem" China report, China has made significant progress in the field of innovation. In 2015, China’s total R & D spending reached 1 trillion and 422 billion yuan, accounting for GDP of 2.1%, equivalent to the average level of EU countries. This figure accounted for 20% of the total expenditure of research and development of all countries in the world, ranked second in the world. "Innovation ecosystem" refers to the modern economy, in order to achieve sustainable innovation needs of stakeholders and resources. Over the past ten years, economists and practitioners view on innovation has changed: in the past, innovation is considered is to come up with new ideas, now is regarded as a "ecosystem", based on emphasis on creativity, transforming it into the market of new products, new services and new process. The report said that China’s R & D investment and human resources supply provides a better resource for innovation. China’s domestic R & D investment from $1 billion 200 million in 2005, up to $39 billion 400 million in 2015, an increase of nearly 32 times. Report that SMEs are the key to China’s innovation ecosystem. Data show that 65% of China’s domestic invention patents are obtained by SMEs, and new products are created by SMEs in the 80%. The role of small and medium enterprises in the innovation ecosystem is becoming more and more prominent. As of 2015, the Ministry of industry and Information Technology identified more than and 500 national public service demonstration platform for SMEs, the national network platform to build a total of more than and 800 windows. 2014 these platforms to carry out entrepreneurial innovation services more than and 600, providing entrepreneurial services for 320 thousand people.相关的主题文章: