China’s largest production of taurine pharmaceutical industry in Yongan was sued for alleged patent rainism

The largest domestic taurine production Yongan pharmaceutical patent infringement prosecution business by the Beijing daily news (reporter Fang Binnan Wang Xiaoli) China’s largest producer of Yongan pharmaceutical taurine may face great resistance performance. Recently, the Yongan pharmaceutical announced that the company’s products are involved in foreign patent litigation taurine, may have an important impact on the company. Yongan pharmaceutical said the company in the United States, New Jersey District Court for alleged patent infringement prosecution. The plaintiff said Yongan pharmaceutical taurine products infringe the "450 patent" and "patent 451 patent", mainly for the new manufacturing process of taurine, and request a permanent injunction to prohibit the court, related party infringes the patent right, and make corresponding compensation. For this matter, Yongan pharmaceutical said it is not clear the other party in the proceedings referred to the specific circumstances of the new manufacturing process and the corresponding details. The company is prepare for responding to the. Although I do not know Xiao Yongan pharmaceutical in this lawsuit odds, but there have been investors expressed concern, and the product structure and is directly related to the pharmaceutical industry in Yongan. The latest semi annual report shows that Yongan pharmaceutical revenue sources are divided into three parts: pharmaceutical manufacturing, health care products and chemical products, etc.. Among them, the pharmaceutical sector is only a product taurine, revenue accounted for 80% of total revenue. The other two plates, industrial ethylene oxide is one of the Yongan pharmaceutical raised investment projects, the main purpose is to protect the supply of Taurine Production of raw materials. At present, the overall market sales of epoxy ethane pile up in excess of requirement, long-term upside down, the project continued losses in revenue last year fell 51%. The health care products currently in the overall revenue share is low, only 7.8%. It is worth noting that the lawsuit involving the U.S. market is particularly important for the pharmaceutical industry in Yongan. Semi annual report shows that Yongan pharmaceutical revenues, the overseas market revenue accounted for 65% of total revenue. While the United States and Japan are important export enterprise product placement. Yongan pharmaceutical also said that if the foreign lawsuit lost, may have an important impact on the company. Because the product structure is too simple, Yongan pharmaceutical industry in recent years began to try the layout of health, but just on the pay tuition". In June this year, Yongan pharmaceutical is responsible for the production of health care products, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yongan health due to the addition of prohibited ingredients in the product, was reported and a comprehensive shelf. The main products of lawsuit encounter in the difficult moment in the development of sideline, one disaster after another situation, if lost, Yongan pharmaceutical industry undoubtedly under great pressure performance. (source: Beijing business daily) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: