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China wants to attract international talent? The original title: Shenzhen Singapore to learn to attract international talent? The need to learn from singapore! Author: Jun source: public number to iced hot "when Shenzhen issued a series of policies to attract talent, so that domestic and foreign Chinese cheer. However, if Shenzhen is to further attract international talent and expertise, but also to learn from Singapore, then maybe. In the latest survey of international talent, the most livable place, ranked first in singapore. Singapore’s attractiveness of the latest HSBC international talent experts the most livable place, the survey, Singapore ranked first. Participate in the survey of 27 thousand international talent, indicators include the ability to provide the best career opportunities, quality of life, personal income, family facilities, etc.. In Singapore, 62% of international talent experts believe that Singapore is "the most friendly" and "the most livable" for foreign experts and foreign talent". For international professionals, Singapore can not only provide good employment opportunities, but also to increase personal income. "This is a place where you can climb the ladder professionally". Another attraction of Singapore is high income. Worldwide, the average annual income of international talent is $97 thousand, while the average annual income of international talent in Singapore is $139 thousand, of which 1/4 of international talent can reach an average annual income of $200 thousand. Another advantage of Singapore to attract international talent is the high quality of education, enhance the sense of well-being of the family. About 3/4 of international people believe that the quality of education in Singapore is higher than that of their own countries and is willing to move their families to singapore. About 66% of international people believe that the quality of life after their move to Singapore is higher than in their own countries, and the cost of raising children is declining. On a global scale, 55% of international people believe that the quality of their work abroad is better than that in their own countries. The survey results show that the national ranking, according to Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Czech, Switzerland, second, three or four, five respectively, followed by Norway, Austria, Sweden, Bahrain, germany. The United Kingdom ranked 22, the United States ranked in the top thirtieth. Shenzhen how to attract international talent from Singapore to see in the mirror, international talent love city has four characteristics: one is the rise of professional channel open to foreigners and locals relatively equal; two is larger than their income; the three is the high quality of education, the state has color, suitable for the growth of children; the four is convenient, the cost of living in the affordable range, the local people friendly to foreigners. Compared with Singapore, Shenzhen is still in the special introduction of international talent stage, has not yet reached the stage of foreign experts take the initiative to seek employment in Shenzhen. But Shenzhen is regarded as the world’s most vibrant "innovative city", "the world has hit off the center of the first" high praise, a considerable number of "creation" and "entrepreneurs" have taken the initiative to Shenzhen Pathfinder, which for the Shenzhen to become an international talent to lay a good foundation to gather. Comparison of the above four indicators, in the professional channel, at home and abroad equality, high income and other aspects, Shenzhen inferior. While in the country Hao相关的主题文章: