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Chinese aero engine group founded the registered capital of 50 billion data figure: display model of the original title of domestic high bypass ratio turbofan engine: Chinese Aero Engine Group official in Beijing was founded in China Hangfa industry new pattern today (August 28th), Chinese aviation engine group listing ceremony in Beijing, was formally established, marking China’s aviation the engine industry will form a new pattern, is of great significance to the future development of China’s aviation industry. The new established Chinese aero engine group, is a state-owned holding company jointly set up by the State Council and the Beijing Municipal People’s government, China Aviation Industry Corp, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China. Is China’s twelfth military enterprises, eleventh vice ministerial central enterprises, registered capital of 50 billion yuan, has a staff of 96 thousand people. Including the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering 6, thousands of people plan, as well as a number of experts and scholars, outstanding technical and technical personnel of the 6. In an interview with CCTV, Chinese Hangfa science and Technology Commission Director Yin Zeyong Chinese, Academy of engineering, said the future Chinese Hangfa will pay more attention to basic research of aviation engine related and pre research work, to strengthen the basic research from the test materials and process control components all pre research work. This shows that the new China aero engine company will focus on engine design, manufacturing, testing and other aspects of the development of related materials, the establishment of Chinese Aerospace Power Development and production of a complete industrial chain, to enhance the overall level of China’s aviation engine, based on independent innovation to solve China aerospace power. Liu Tingyi Dean China Hangfa Research Institute said: Chinese Hangfa group will explore the formation of small core, collaboration, professional, open a research and production system. The real one out from basic research to the key technology breakthrough, the strategic aviation engine product development as a independent innovation development path of development, but also led to China’s science and technology and industrial technology improvement. Both military and civilian fields in China in the next few years, the demand for the rapid expansion of aviation engine in the military field of our country, the phasing out of the two generation machine, using the three generation machine as the main body, four generation machine will also be batch service. The aircraft gradually entered the peak generation. Three or four generation of advanced fighter aircraft, large transport aircraft and other types of models will be delivered in large quantities over the next 20 years, the domestic demand for military aircraft engines nearly $45 billion 210 million. In the field of civil aircraft, gradually developed our civil aviation, aviation network continues to expand, the infrastructure construction and the corresponding accelerated airport follow up, passenger and freight traffic continued rapid growth, the domestic civil aircraft demand in the next 20 years is about 6330. Civil aviation engine market value of $257 billion 200 million. China aviation engine group was formally established, reflecting the country’s emphasis on the development of aviation engines. The establishment of Hangfa group, in addition to the development cycle longer than general body independent of the engine manufacturing, be not subject to the restrictions for the whole aircraft manufacturing company, manufacturing engines have greater flexibility. The full integration of departments and agencies involved in Aeroengine development, break the stereotype of institutions. Strengthen exchanges and mutual assistance. Driven by a large number of scientific research projects and related Hangfa and meet the progress.相关的主题文章: