China added 9 National Ocean Park in Laishan, Jiaozhou Bay in the column-avbox

China added 9 National Ocean Park in Laishan, the Gulf of Jiaozhou issued a new 9 National Ocean Park in the column list, the State Oceanic Administration, so far, the national Ocean Park in China has increased to 42. According to the State Oceanic Administration issued the "notice on the approval of the establishment of" Dalian Xian Yu Wan 9 National Ocean Park, 9 National Ocean Park of the new are: Liaoning Dalian Xian Yu Wan, Dalian Shandong Yantai Laishan, Qingdao Bay, Jiaozhou Bay, Fu Jianping lake comprehensive experimentation area Haitan Bay, Guangdong Bay, Yangxi Red Bay Peninsula ZHELANG, Hainan Wanning sea, Chang Jiang master piece Bay National Ocean Park. The 9 National Ocean Park belong to the marine special reserve. Requirements of the State Oceanic Administration, Liaoning, Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Department (bureau) in conjunction with Ocean Park, the seat of government as soon as possible to implement management and construction management funds, formulate relevant rules and regulations, strengthen the protection of the main object of protection. In addition, the State Oceanic Administration made it clear that the marine and Fishery Department (bureau) in accordance with the list of Ocean Park area and scope, speed up the organization to carry out the work of Surveying and Ocean Park beacon, marked boundary to the public. The size, scope and functional zoning of Ocean Park shall not be adjusted or changed at will. It is reported that Ocean Park is a special type of marine protected areas. Since 2011, the State Oceanic Administration announced the first national Ocean Park, China has approved the establishment of 5 batches of 42 national Ocean Park. The State Oceanic Administration, environmental protection department official said, the establishment of a national Ocean Park to further enrich the types of special marine protected areas, in the protection of a good ecological environment of the coastal leisure space for the public at the same time, promote the sustainable development of the marine ecological protection and coastal tourism.相关的主题文章: