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"Family fun" embarrassment: not only a large number of parent-child tour homogenization products – Beijing awkward family travel consumer pain points watch closely in recent years, "family fun" tourism has become the new darling of the market, many families entered the new era of travel arrangements around the child. However, the various aspects of eating, living, traveling, travel to leave the baby with their parents leave, exposing the lack of domestic tourism market, parent-child tour of the lack of design and services. How to bring the baby to play, become more and more families in front of the problem, but also a test of the tourism practitioners. Not only the current domestic tour "parent-child parent-child Tour" is still in the stage of extensive development, lack of targeted services, family fun, not only has gradually formed the parent-child swim with the baby travel crowd biggest consumer pain points. A trip to travel, can be described as embarrassing chain, emerge in an endless stream of trouble. Ms. Li Beijing is the mother of 3 children, she said, one family travel, car rental to the seat to the destination taxi and almost never meet 5 people can take the taxi, not convenient baby car under the channel area, the hotel has no family room, but usually not for children activities. White-collar from Shenzhen Lu Xin often take two children to travel, she said, take care of children in domestic tourist attractions is very few, especially in the catering, children often have no choice, only to adults eat the same restaurant, generally do not provide children’s dining chair. Relevant survey shows that more than 70% of the parent-child tour select the zoo, theme parks and other scenic spots as a destination. As long as the theme park, farm, art and other places of interest, you can be labeled "parent-child Tour" label. But "family fun" products, the lack of uniform standards, entertaining, pay attention to parent-child relationship and experience the scarcity of products, a large number of homogeneous products for "family fun" nominal. Quality is not high, parent-child tour products, but to reduce the travel experience and quality. Ms. Chen from Shenzhen, told reporters: I do not like to participate in ‘parent-child Tour’, playing too many children, the organizational process efficiency is not high, it is time delay." The extensive demand service iResearch released "2015 Chinese online family Travel Market Research Report" shows that in 2015 the online China family fun market grew by 76.2%, and the next 3 years will maintain growth. Ctrip released data show that since "daddy go" hit the third quarter, China to participate in "family travel booking number" an increase of more than 50%. More and more 80 parents will be considered as an essential element of parent-child interaction. "On the one hand, tourism environment, tourism gradually become the family just need, while outbound continue to lower the threshold; on the other hand, while growth gradually accepted the education idea in the." Industry experts believe that. Zhongshan University Tourism Institute Vice President Zhang Zhaozhi said: "the domestic tourism market supply is not perfect is not professional, partly because of China’s tourism still belongs to the mass tourism model, no refined demand; on the other hand, the improvement of service need extra cost, so travel)相关的主题文章: