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Chengdu more than 100 stores of food testing Dezhuang Chongqing Hot pot containing flavor Xiao Yu on the list to eat Hot pot eat what you love most? Duck, goose, potatoes or noodles? At least from today, in the Hot pot shop to eat noodles, vermicelli, such as flour, potato powder, Hot pot wide powder, potato powder stuff, you need to keep their eyes open. November 4th, Chengdu food and Drug Administration informed the fourth phase of food safety supervision and sampling results in 2016. In the 5634 batch of samples, 875 batches of substandard. Failure rate of 15.53%, the overall failure rate hit a record high in recent years. The unqualified samples are Dezhuang, Chongqing · Hot pot flavor; Xiao Yu, Hot pot incense, Hot pot placed in the string of sixth aunt Deng Maodu, captain of the Sichuan plain, Hot pot, Nie three ears goose intestines, China Hot pot and other well-known brand Luyuan Malatang Hot pot boarded black list". It is understood that the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center released in 2014 "Chinese residents dietary aluminum exposure risk assessment", our country as many as 32.5% individual dietary intake of aluminum more than tolerable intake per week. The daily diet, the total intake of 75% aluminum from aluminum containing food additives. Why vermicelli will aluminized? Insiders explained that there may be a fan of alum is added in the production process, it will become vermicelli noodle, because alum containing aluminum ions, so will cause the aluminum content in the products exceed the standard. Excessive intake of aluminum in the body, leading to mental decline, memory loss, induced Alzheimer’s disease. The reporter then interviewed some Hot pot shop, the relevant responsible person said, vermicelli, potato powder, Hot pot powder, powder, Hot pot store wide things generally do not produce their own Hot pot shop, to buy products from suppliers, whether there are food safety hazards can not distinguish, hope the relevant departments to strengthen the upstream control of food production enterprises. Of aluminum unqualified list: fans (1): Tianfu duck Hot pot shop Huayang Deng Hot pot powder (14): Chengdu city in Western Sichuan plain food Co. Ltd., Chongzhou Jinsha shop Chongyang City Jin Peng family restaurants, the Sichuan plain Xinjin County, Chengdu City, Hot pot shop bull beef Yuanheng Catering Services Limited Qionglai City Linchiung Town, Dayi County Hot pot shop spicy drunk Jin Yuan Zhen Cheng Jiang Xiang Dian, Dayi County string casserole Li Hot pot shop, Xindu District, Chongzhou City, 35 Hot pot shop fumanjia Hot pot Management Company Limited, Qionglai city Linchiung town red garden fire pot shop, Wen Hong Lu Jinyuan town in Dayi County, Wenjiang Hot pot shop she remember the earthworm Hot pot shop, Dayi County town of Jinyuan Nie three ears goose intestines Hot pot shop and Chengdu City fresh road catering Co. Ltd. vermicelli (34): Wenjiang, Xinjin County Sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang Dian Zhuang Hot pot shop, Xinjin County, Xinjin County brigade tasteless Hot pot shop Hot pot shop, Xinjin County elders ho shop, Pengzhou City, six Shiva Chuanchuan Xiang Tian Peng Zhen Peng Jie, Pengzhou city Hot pot fish shop by Tian Peng Zhen Liu Yingxiang, Pengzhou city Tian Peng wooden fish Hot pot Hot pot shop, Pengzhou City town long Peng Zhen Xuan taste of old days duck soup Hot pot shop, Pengzhou Tian Peng Zhen Chongqing dam fish shop, Pengzhou city Hot pot self-help Tian Peng Zhen Yang Qing, Wenjiang District chrysanthemum Hot pot shop Liu Cheng Po seven Malatang, Qionglai city Linchiung old shop in Qionglai City, Hot pot aftertaste old Hot pot shop, Chengdu city and the bench相关的主题文章: